Let's sing for food!

It's time for some A-cat-pella!

Caturday Art: Let’s sing Acatpella!

Cats sing Acatpella for morning breakfast

Our most riveting ‘Acatpella’ performance at breakfast time!

There are not many things us cats do together as a team. Of course, there’s synchronized sleeping and grooming, but those things are largely accidental and form part of the random humdrum existence of cat life. But there is an activity that unites us all towards a common goal, and that is performing our morning song to be fed our breakfast on time. If you have never heard of ‘A-cat-pella’ before, you have never lived in a multi-cat household. This is the moment when we set aside our differences with the dawning of each new day and unite as “team cat”, performing our morning song with unrivalled purpose and vigour. Our harmonies are sweet, yet tinged with an urgency that screams “hear the cry of our starving clan”.

There is nothing random about our harmony. Every single note contributes to the melody and our team performance yields sweet results each morning. Our humans scurry around in the kitchen preparing us breakfast in record time. It is vitally important that we continue this morning ‘Acatpella’ tradition because it is the only way we can communicate the crying growling hunger pangs in our bellies to the humans. They are largely vocal in their communication to each other so we figured that this is a great way for our voices to be heard, literally.

Us cats have a myriad of varied vocalizations, which mean different things and you can read more about this at Catster. We can yowl, chirp, chatter, chirrup, coo, burble and croak, to name but a few. But all our morning Acatpella is made up of a series of complex meowing sounds that we have composed for the utmost impact.

Do you like singing Acatpella for your humans? We know you do! Please tell us in the comments below.
We share one of our performances below. I hope you enjoy it!

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