She's Back from BlogPaws, and She's Forgiven!

We are lucky cats
Ripping her suitcase apart
Look at all that 'nip!

Haiku by Mr. Jack

The Lady Cat Returns from BlogPaws!

The cats are sleeping, the house is quiet. Oh, I forgot, it’s noon and it’s sleepy kitty time, that explains the absence of paws over my keyboard. Either that or perhaps the Chirpies are sleeping off the effects of the impromptu catnip pawty that happened upon my return from the BlogPaws conference in Myrtle Beach yesterday. As soon as I unzipped my suitcase, cats came rushing from all corners to investigate.

Mr. Jack, (CCSF) Chief Chirpy Social Facilitator, was the first to grab hold of the catnip banana and catnip ball still in the packaging. This catnip candy was the bee’s knees and all the cats got into something or other, seemingly forgiving me for leaving them for a few days.

“If this is what you bring home Lady Cat, then you have our approval to attend in the future!”


Watch their short 30-second video of their approval below

What else did I bring home from BlogPaws?

Unbeknown to the cats there was a whole lot of other stuff I brought back from the Blogpaws 2017 conference. Besides the awesome swag, I brought back a bag full of treasured memories from each day’s activities jam-packed with learning, networking, meeting the faces behind familiar blogs, meeting the faces behind no-so-familiar blogs and meeting and talking to the awesome sponsors.

I had ah-ha moments, shared these moments with fellow bloggers, some of whom were on a similar journey to myself and some who offered new insights and a fresh perspective. Being a finalist in two categories for me was the cat’s whiskers; I did not win but for me that is a huge trophy and badge of honor, to have been a finalist with such amazing talent is marvelous in itself, motivating me to keep creating quality content with a clear goal in mind.

I would like to thank the BlogPaws Team for such an amazing platform for like-minded pet bloggers who are passionate about helping animals whether it’s through humor, art, volunteering at a shelter or just sharing the cuteness. Huge congratulations to all the winners! I’m thrilled for my blogging buddy Rachel Loehner of Three Chatty Cats who won the award for Best Cause Blog, and to my BlogPaws newbie friends, Kerry Barbero from Noir Kitty Mews who won the award for Best Cat Blog and Jenise Carl from Happy Go Doodle who won the Best New Pet Blog Award.

Being part of the BlogPaws family is something so much bigger than all of us together, because of the enormous difference our collective voices can make to better the lives of our furry friends on a global scale. I love that BlogPaws is open to bloggers from around the world. As I was mingling with fellow international bloggers from the UK such as Mark Watson from Erin the Cat Princess and many others, I realized that in much the same way we have Doctors without Borders, BlogPaws is like Bloggers without Borders, helping to improve the lives of pets, and their people around the world.

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Whiskers make me smile.
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And cats are for life.
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