Archive - 22/01/2018

Do you have the answers to your cat’s questions?

Do you have the answers to your cat’s questions?

Mr. Jack the cat rests on his barstool and poses a few questions.

I’m always asking my cats silly rhetorical questions and of course, I pretend to know the answer with “oh yes I know you like chin stritches, Jackaboo.” Sometimes the answer to the question will remain a mystery, “Mr. Jack, do you have to exit the litter box at top speed scattering litter all over the floor?”

And sometimes the question begs, “Really George, do you have to raise your butt in the air when you pee?” most likely accompanied by an eye-roll and a bottle of Nature’s Miracle in tow. It’s National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day and we explore some of the common and not-so-common lines of questioning by our feline friends. Read More

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