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Honoring Earl Grey

Our 2020 calendar is here and ready to order!
Featuring handsome Earl grey and whiskers of
haiku wisdom. All proceeds will be donated

Remembering Earl Grey 2020 Calendar and giving back to Community Cats

2020 cat calendar featuring handsome grey cat

Last updated February 10th, 2020

There was a lot of procrastination about featuring Earl Grey, my heart cat, on our 2020 cat calendar. Not because of a lack of photos, but precisely because I had to go through all of his photo archives through the years, some of which you can imagine, brought on a flood of tears, some smiles and then a sense of “Well, this is the most natural thing to do.”

So in honor of Earl Grey’s almost first-year anniversary of his passing, our 2020 calendar features photos of our handsome puma boy in the latter years of his life, enjoying the nooks of the catio in some of his favorite spots, like the catnip tunnel.

When he became blind in November 2016, the catnip tunnel became quite a significant part of his daily routine. All his other senses were heightened and it was such a blessing that catnip could provide this old blind kitty with olfactory enrichment.

This photo below didn’t make it in the calendar but it’s one of my favorites of him just soaking up the sun, fully aware of its warmth, the catnip blooms, and the birds chattering. You can just imagine how many favorites I had to delete since there are only 12 months in the calendar!

In my next life
A garland of purple blooms
Will always surround me

He could no longer visit his catio highways up at “Pride Rock” but the chirping of the birds and the smells around him were precious. These are the photos that made me smile.

The George Clooney of Cats

The day before Earl Grey went in for major dental surgery, I posted a few photos of him on Instagram. There was one comment I will always remember that made me laugh. One of our followers commented that he’s the George Clooney of cats. I thought it was true, he still looked young despite his illness and age. Little did I know that that day would be the last time I would see his beautiful sage green eyes.

By the next day, he was blind. The pools of sage green turned to a deep vacant black, just staring without any connection. But that didn’t mean he lost his connection with his surroundings, No, in fact, he was more connected than ever, seeing the world through his heart. His blindness didn’t stop him from moving around with grace and determination, albeit a little slower.

This precious photo captures a turning point for the next two years of his life and was the natural choice for the calendar cover.

Below are a few sneak previews of some photos and haiku featured in the calendar. Another photo just a day before he became blind.

beautiful senior cat with grey coat
Timeshare your spaces
Hiss once, then purr you’re sorry
But own your food bowl
At Greywalk Tunnel I
Marched to the beat of my drum
As sunflowers cheered
As the catnip sways
I will be closer to you
Than your own heartbeat

Giving back to community cats

Once again this year we are proudly donating all proceeds of this calendar to TUFCAT. If you follow our blog you may remember reading about the wonderful team at TUFCAT and my story about meeting Patrick, the UWC campus cat whisperer.

black cat wants to be fed

Each week there will be different promo codes for huge savings on the calendar. Follow us on Facebook where I will be posting the different promo codes as they appear on Zazzle. Click on the image below to visit my Zazzle store for the full details on ordering your calendar. It’s customizable with different grid themes and different sizes. The calendar is set to a default size, medium 8.5″w x 11″ h but you may select large or small as well. Remember to set your country and language depending on where you are as it’s currently set to English, US.

Cover image for the Chirpy Cats 2020 Remembering Earl Grey cat calendar

We’d love it if you could share this post with a fellow cat lover who might be interested in supporting our cause, helping community cats, by purchasing our calendar. Even the most sophisticated of cat lovers cannot resist staring at a wall of photos of a cat.

And Earl Grey is not just any cat, but the George Clooney of cats! 🙂

Watch our tribute to our beloved Earl Grey capturing the epic story of his life on three continents during his lifetime.

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