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2021 Calendar features the Life of Sly Pie (and giving back)

life of Sly the rescue cat wall calendar

Last updated January 26th, 2021

As a cat lover you can never have too many cat photos on your wall. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for cat lovers, a cat wall calendar is something that any cat lover appreciates.

Every year since I started making a cat calendar in aid of TUFCAT, I get always get asked, “Are you making another calendar this year? I want one!” I’m amazed at how popular wall calendars are, given that everything is digital these days. But when you think about it, a physical calendar is a symbol of a new clean slate, a reminder that the new year looming ahead can bring new goals, or an opportunity to refresh old stagnant goals. There’s just something positive about circling that date with a sharpie or scribbling your to-do list in a block.

And then there are the cat pictures!

Yes, back to why we love wall calendars; cat wall calendars, to be specific.

Who is that Cover Boy?

This year’s star of our 2021 wall calendar is Sly Pie a.k.a. Mr Capri Pants. We’re celebrating 5 years with this cheeky face. Most of you know his story, but if you’re new here, 5 years ago in November 2015, a little black masked face broke into our catio and into the house one night, possibly looking for some warmth from the frigid temperatures. He would sometimes appear at the sliding door, staring at our cats as if mesmerized by indoor cat life.

Sly Pie made it to the other side of the glass

The image of this tiny masked face looking into the kitchen with one paw raised stuck in my head and inspired me to create an illustration entitled “The Other Side of the Glass.” I was so pleased when the illustration won the coveted Cat Writer’s Association Muse Medallion Award this year. All the more reason to highlight his story again and make him the hero. He was a small cat with a determined spirit who eventually made it to the other side of the glass. Sly Pie’s storey is also featured on Lola The Rescued Cat’s blog.

What’s in it?

The ‘Life of Sly’ calendar features high resolution photos of Sly enjoying the good life. He invites you into his catio Kingdom with charming photos of his adorable cattitude. Each month he shows you his favorite nooks and hideaways and even displays some top meowdel poses!

Giving back to the campus cats!

As usual, this is our fifth annual cat calendar for which we donate the proceeds to the wonderful TNR rescue group and animal welfare charity TUFCATS. Your purchase enables us to buy bags of cat food from a pet store in Cape Town, which gets delivered directly to the campus. The joys of online shopping! This amazing group of animal lovers and volunteers work tirelessly to help not just the cats, but stray dogs that are dumped on the campus, seeing to vet bills, organizing spay days, community outreach and education and so much more. So buying cat food is a small contribution but every little bit counts and we are glad we can help in any way.

You can read more about TUFCAT in some of our past posts here:
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Who are the TUFCATs and where are they now? #GlobalCatDay

Thanks once again for all those who have been supporting this project since it started almost five years ago. We appreciate you!

Shop my Zazzle store (Caturday Cuddles Collection)

We’re gearing up for winter and preparing to stay nice and toasty. I’m so thrilled to offer my award-winning design “On the Other Side of the Glass” on a warm sherpa blanket to cuddle with kitty by the fireplace. Soft and luxurious, the cats will want to shroud themselves in this after returning from a snowy catio expedition. A percentage of the proceeds will also go to cat rescue.

For more inspiring ways to your cat’s heart pounce on board with us to receive unique and fun DIY cat hacks, environment enrichment tips and lifestyle, reviews and giveaways.

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