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Last updated March 4th, 2021

cat walks all over you

Helping Cats Live Enriched Lives With Their People

At the Chirpy Cats house, we are passionate about cats and understanding their quirky yet intriguing ways. With many years of experience living with and observing cat behavior, we know that the key to a cat’s happiness is understanding how he relates to his environment. In your cat’s eyes, you are in his world. You are included in his universe and he sees you as part of his clan. So for a cat, owning his space and everything within it, is one of the most important things for a cat to be happy and live a stress-free life with his human companions.

If your cat had his own social media platform, his relationship status might read “it’s complicated.” His daily status updates would read “I just need my own space.”

Inspiring ways to your cat’s heart

On this blog, we share fun, unique and informative content such as environmental enrichment for cats, videos, product reviews, cat lifestyle topics, and creative DIY cat hacks with a mission to encourage harmonious relationships between cats and their people. This means fewer cats in shelters and more cats in their forever homes. Helping cats live enriched lives with their people is our mission.

More cats are living indoors and this poses a challenge to creating a stimulating, changing and natural environment for your cat. We focus on all things related to enhancing, creating and expanding your cat’s precious environment for a happy life for your cat. (And for you too!)

The pathway to your cat’s heart is through understanding his world.

Once you’re invited into their little hearts, you will be lavished with cat love for many years to come. Whether you would like to build a catio, whether it’s ideas for a kitty salad bar, or dealing with the bully cat in multi-cat households, you are sure to find some inspiring ways to your cat’s heart. Saunter over to “Cat Fun” and tickle your whiskers with our fun Caturday Doodle cartoons or be inspired by some cat wisdom in Haiku. Most importantly we’re all about helping cats live enriched lives with their people

Follow us on our fun journey with our multi-cay clowder as we explore the world of cat environment enrichment and bring you closer to understanding your little friends in fur coats.

Let’s get chirpy and chatty

You probably have a cat or two curled up on your lap. Or you might be at work looking at the last photo you took of your cat before you left this morning while sharing a cute cat video on your Facebook timeline. So while you’re at it, why don’t you pounced on over to the sidebar and get social with Chirpy Cats. Warning: Chirpy Cats cannot be held responsible if you happen to stumble upon your Fluffy’s relationship status set to “it’s complicated.”

So, who is “The Lady Cat”?

In my circle of family and friends, I’m known as the cat lady. I was always contacted for advice on questions like “moving house with kitty” concerns or “can you come over to cut my cat’s claws/give his pills please?”

Sure, no problem!

I remember the excitement as a child when I discovered how I could ‘talk’ to cats by slowly blinking. I realized that cat communication is largely non-confrontational and that if I sat down at their level and gave them their space, they would come up to me wanting to be petted. This is a trait that I share with cats – the need for space to gather my thoughts and let my creativity flow. How fitting that I am a cat person.

I often wonder whether cats also emerge rejuvenated after some hours spent ‘meditating’ alone in a sun puddle or reflecting on a spot on the wall. Because after their lengthy sojourn in their little cat cocoons or safe spaces, they would greet you with added fervor and jubilance. This greeting is so often laced with excited chiding chirrups of “where have you been, human!”  and often results in spilled coffee when the head-butting is a little too enthusiastic! Yes…we allow them to walk all over us and we love it!

Accolades: Chirpy Cats won the 2018 BlogPaws Pet Blogging Nose-to-Nose award for Best Cat Blog, Winner of the Home Enrichment Award from the Cat Writers’ Association and Winner of the Women in the Pet Industry Network “Rising Star” Award in 2018. I am a Professional member of the Cat Writers’ Association and a volunteer writer for The Jackson Galaxy Project’s Cat Pawsitive Pro initiative, which helps shelter cats across the country.

My husband is a recent cat lover graduate and he wears his cat daddy badge with pride. Together we enjoy conjuring up new modifications to our catio with lots of design input from the Chirpy Cats crew!

If you would like to chirp me a line about your cat, a product for review, or anything related to this site, I welcome your comment below or feel free to contact me directly.

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Jimmy  joined the Chirpy Cats crew in 2014. He loves giving head massages and paw shakes.
Yasaar Nakchbendi Chirpy Cats

Meet Jimmy Fancy Feet, our polydactyl gingerbread boy! He loves giving head massages, paw shakes and will do anything for hugs.


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