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Celebrate a little verse of nonsense, Happy National Limerick Day!

Last updated January 5th, 2018

There is nothing like reading a good bit of nonsense verse to take you away from the swirling vortex of insanity in which our busy lives have us entrapped! Just like watching a YouTube cat video or a funny cat meme gives you the chuckles, a funny limerick always lightens the mood. Today is National Limerick Day which honors the birthday of English artist, author, poet and illustrator, Edward Lear, born in 1812. Limericks were popularized in his “Book of Nonsense” in 1846 and in it, “The Owl and the Pussy Cat” stands out as one of the more memorable verses from my childhood. Why would a carnivore and a bird want to marry and sail away in a pea green boat? Were they eloping? Were they just free-spirited bohemians who defied society’s conventions? The ambiguity and quirkiness of these poems make it all the more silly and has prompted me to write a few of my own. The protagonist for my limericks is none other than our resident class clown, Mr. Jack. Why him? Because if he were sitting in that pea green boat, they would never have “sailed away for a year and a day”. No, he would have blown the five-pound note on catnip and partied all night long with his friends.

 national limerick day with cats

Mr. Jack was googling the internet
A cat of distinguished intellect
Always searching the last word
to generate a password
But would often drop down for a pet

Mr. Jack likes to sing for his food
He gets what he wants, he’s quite shrewd
Until he saw a youtube a-cat-pella
He wondered who’s that fella
It’s him, with his bold attitude!

Something for the youngest of the Chirpies, Sly Pie:

There was once a tuxedo named Sly Pie
Who wanted the password for wi-fi
But the lady cat said no
That’s just the status quo
So he laid back and let out a sigh

Do you like reading limericks or writing any of your own? Hit us below, we would love to read some of your nonsense!
Happy National Limerick Day friends.

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The Lady Cat

Whiskers make me smile.
Coffee is good for you.
And cats are for life.
Helping cats live enriched lives with their people.
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