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Cat Writers’ Awards Banquet

Chirpy Cats walks away with two Muse Medallions
and the Special Home Enrichment Award.
Do the Chirpies deserve more treats?

Chirpy Cats wins Muse Medallions at the Cat Writers’ Conference

Last updated August 2nd, 2020

Chirpy Cats wins Muse Medallions at the CWA conference

We sat as usual on our treat stations at 9 pm and nothing was happening. We sat and stared and stared, waiting for that familiar click.

But all we heard was silence and the TV in the background. No treats. Nothing. The Lady Cat was gone and we were left in the care of The Big man Cat.

He said: “No treats for you lot!”

She returned from the Cat Writers’ Association Conference in Houston after four days to announce that we had won something! I wonder if this means we get more treats or she will make up for these four days we were deprived. Ummm, I think she has some explaining to do. Not sure what these silly awards mean and what’s in it for me!

Love and tons of tortitude, from

A word from the Lady Cat

It was four days of collaboration, education, and celebration amongst the talented community of artists, writers, filmmakers and photographers, all promoting the well-being of cats in their own unique ways. I’m pleased and honored to announce that our blog Chirpy Cats was awarded two prestigious Muse Medallions for the category Blog: Behavior and Training and Illustration: Single at the CWA Conference and Awards Banquet in Houston, TX earlier this month.

how to have happy chirpy cats

The winning illustration in the “Single” category.

The three posts which were judged for these categories are:

5 Must-have Essentials for a Happy Chirpy Cat

How to turn your bully cat into a team player

multicat households

The litter box rule cat owners should not ignore

Multiple cats waiting in line to use the litter box

Special Awards

We also won the Newcomer Blogger’s Home-Enrichment Award presented to the blogger who inspires cat owners to create a stylish and enriched environment for their cats. The blogger should educate cat parents on ideas to improve lifestyles and happiness of their cats. I am so honored that our blog was chosen as a winner and I feel like the cat who got the cream! It means the world to me because environment enrichment is my key focus on the blog. If I can inspire just one person who drops by and reads my posts, I’m doing my bit towards educating and promoting the well-being of our feline friends. This inspires me to continue writing educational, informative and fun content for my readers so that more cats stay in their forever homes.

Judge’s Comments: This blog post not only provides doable, actionable steps for cat parents to start implementing immediately, but it also does so in a budget conscious and easy-to-implement manner. What I treasured most about this post are the problem-solving actions the author suggests for modern cats who have issues. Who knew that cats prefer a certain kind of scratching post and to each his or her own? Chirpy Cats does! For these reasons and the easily relatable style and context of content, 5 Essential Must-Haves for a Happy Chirpy Cat is my selection as the winner in this special category. Congratulations!” (Carol Bryant, founder of Fidose of Reality)

Certificate of Excellence winner

We received five Certificates of Excellence too!

Scratching Post Secrets Revealed series in the category Blog: Entertainment

cat communication and scratching post cartoon

The fabulous Anita Aurit from Feline Opines blog won the Muse in this category.

Why Food Puzzles are Vital to Cat Health in the category Online Article: Behavior and Training.

Food puzzles are important for your cat's health.

The talented Ramona Marek won the Muse in this category.

A huge thank you to the judges, sponsors, and the CWA. And to fellow awards winners, a huge congratulations!

Check out the full list of winners in all categories, including Certificate of Excellence winners.

Today CWA includes 230+ professionals from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Israel and New Zealand. Members include writers and editors for cat-related and general-interest media, mystery and science fiction novelists, newspaper columnists, bloggers, media pros, animal behaviorists, breeders, veterinarians, illustrators, photographers, public relations specialists, broadcasters and online professionals.

The CWA provides information on becoming published and helps mentor new writers. The CWA is most proud of the networking opportunities available to members, in offering contacts, informal discussions and their annual conference seminars for writers, editors, and publishers.

For more information about the CWA membership, contest, and conference opportunities, visit

Despite little Scout’s gripe about feeling a little cheated on the treats, I think all is forgiven? Most importantly she’s forgotten about the treats and instead made a little bed in the tote bag filled with all sorts of catnip goodies. Now that’s much better for cat enrichment any time of day. Good Kitty!

Scout the tortie sitting in tote bag

Come on, Scout, have a catnip snack and cheer up! Too many treats are bad for you.

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Coffee is good for you.
And cats are for life.
Helping cats live enriched lives with their people.
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