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Meowvelous Monday Haiku

Just a little sneak peek into our
Fall cativities. Cat vines, chirrups,
head boops and more!

Meowvelous Monday Haiku: Cool breezes and catwalk sneakers

Last updated January 12th, 2019

Stop and take a deep breath. Can you feel it in your whiskers? Yes, that’s the cool air of Fall puffing up your fur so you walk around looking like the King of your castle. And why not? 

A confident cat is a happy cat, I say!

I also heard via the cat vine that humans also get all puffed up when the weather turns cold. Is that true?

My friends and I are strutting our stuff and owning our little nooks, highways, platforms and catwalks as the leaves blow away and wave goodbye. So watch out for me. I’m the happy grey puffy tabby cat sneaking up on you around the corner on the cat vine bridge. Don’t worry, I only ambush with a chirrup and a head boop.

I’d like to take you on a brief journey into our lair with my Autumn edition of Meowvelous Monday Haiku. please tell us, where are YOU sneaking around and into these days?

Head bonks from Mr. Jack and the Chirpies xx


  • Phantom grey paws lurk
    Puffy furs confident purrs
    Three head boops for you!
  • Why does the squirrel
    Always leave when you're near me
    This was not the plan!
  • A masked face peers out
    Appearing from his curtain
    Beware the mouser!
  • Our friend waves goodbye
    Vine leaves sing their Autumn song
    'Til they sing no more
  • Light my silhouette
    With shades of delightful Fall
    Nightfall comes early
  • To rule one's Castle
    Powder puff if necessary
    Or forgive and head boop




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