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What you can do to protect our resources

Like Jimmy the polydactyl cat says, let's embrace the earth
with kit gloves and be mindful of how we use our natural resources.

Embrace the Earth With Kit Gloves

Last updated April 22nd, 2020

earth day cat cartoon save the planet
Jimmy wants to remind you that the earth is fragile and we all need to do our bit and use our natural resources wisely.

“What did those last grains of rice do to you?”

To this day I hear my mother’s voice in my head, reprimanding us kids for leaving the last few morsels of food on our plates. She used to make frozen food parcels for the homeless from good leftovers. The parcels were even personalized for those whom she knew had dogs and would be labeled, “for Terrance and McGuyver (his dog)”. This duo was one of our regulars and they used to sit on the curb enjoying whatever it was, that was once a family meal. In our home, food and water wastage were a big no-no.

As a teenager, I used to roll my eyes and think what a nuisance they are, these vagabonds, who kept coming back like a colony of stray cats. Grumbling under my breath, I would be ordered to make them peanut butter sandwiches when there were no leftovers to give. How selfish was I, who thought that only my little bubble was all that mattered?

Today, food and water wastage will always be high up there on my list of pet peeves. Where I live now there are no homeless people knocking on my door. So I have to get creative with leftovers.

I recently spent a month’s vacation visiting my parents in my hometown of Cape Town, South Africa, where there is a huge water crisis. They had never experienced a drought of this nature before and it has reached critical levels where the dams have almost dried up. They have level 3B water restrictions  in place which boil down to no sprinklers for gardens, no topping up of pools without a cover etc. This has created a shift in the mindset of communities even in the affluent areas and has prompted creative ways of conserving water. Buckets are placed in showers to catch water and re-used to water gardens. Borehole and wellpoint water systems are alternative sources of water used for gardens and homes too. And through all of this, I even got to make a sandwich for an old forlorn man waiting patiently at the gate. Nothing much has changed at my parent’s house.

Upon my return to Canada, I found myself inadvertently using less water, closing the tap when not needed, not being obsessive about rinsing dishes for longer than necessary. It doesn’t matter that we live in a country of abundance when thousands of miles away people are scrambling to save their last water reserves. It’s all one planet, just with different land masses that happen to be divided into countries and borders. We do not exist in bubbles and we all need to do our bit towards saving our resources, both food, and water.

Like Jimmy the polydactyl cat says, let’s embrace the earth with kit gloves and be mindful of how we use our natural resources.

I look back fondly at those memories of handing out the food parcels and smile as I think of Toothless Terrance and his dog, McGuyver. There might not be enough food to go around for everyone, but Terrance and MacGuyver treated every morsel as a meal fit for a king.

So, what did those last grains of rice do to you?

Happy Earth Day!

Earth day water crisis in Cape Town

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  • Your parents must be so proud of you. I know that even in parts of the U.S. there are some water shortages. It is scary. I try to be conscious of not being wasteful. Food is something I never waste, (you can tell that by looking at me lol!)
    Caren Gittleman recently posted…Happy Earth Day!My Profile

    • I know, the Swiss have it all figured out! I stayed in Zurich for two years and everything is so organized, clean, functional and efficient! Purrrfect!

  • Living in Southern California, we just came out of our drought after this past winter’s rainfall. There were restrictions in place that sound very similar to what your parents are going through. Great post, as always! And wonderful world drawing. You’re so multi-talented! I wish I was going to BlogPaws so I could finally meet you in person. But we will meet one day, my friend.

    • Would have been so cool to finally meet you in person, but I know coming from the west is a little far. As you know initially I was not going to the conference but through some encouragement from friends and hubby, I thought, heck I’m going! 🙂 We will definitely meet at future conferences I’m sure of it.

      Wow, you had a drought too, what a relief it’s over for you. My family said they had lots of rain recently, so hopefully, their coming winter will spell the end of their months-long drought.

  • Jimmy is a super smart kitty! He embraces Mother Nature as all us cats do. My humans compost veggie food scraps for the garden & flower beds. They need to be better about managing food leftovers, though. I wish I could send some of our water to help out the people in South Africa. We’ve had more than our share of rain here in the PNW. Mew Mew!

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