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Celebrating 15 years

Go on, ask her age.
This is one gal who doesn't mind.

Grand Old Dame, Sarabi, celebrates her birthday!

Last updated March 24th, 2018

Have you ever been asked, “Have you been drinking from the fountain of youth? You look so young!” Age in human years is such a taboo topic, we don’t like displaying it proudly as a badge of honor. Don’t ask a lady her age, it’s bad social etiquette. But there’s one lady in the Chirpy Cat’s house who carries her age well and doesn’t mind being asked her age. This is one gal who does not look a day older than “kitten” and has the confidence and poise of a leopard in the wild. She is none other than Sarabi, our brown spotted Bengal cat who today celebrates her 15th birthday. Sarabi is the same weight today that she was when she was younger. She’s lithe and sleek, a great jumper, agile and light-footed. Her vocals, once activated through conversation, will always want the last say.

sarabi the bengal cat walks through catnip tunnel

Sarabi has enjoyed many adventures with her older sibling Earl Grey. She was there walking on a leash, side by side with him exploring The Cliffs of Moher in County Clare, Ireland back in 2003. Did I mention how she rocks walking on a leash and harness? This girl was meant to strut her stuff like a goddess. There was no stopping to smell the flowers or nibble on grass; when she went on walks she meant business, no distractions. She was also an avid player of ‘fetch’ and would beg you to throw her mouse, and like a machine, would not tire of this game as long as there was a willing and patient human to throw.

She also did a brief 4-year stint in South Africa where she wowed my father with her avid conversation and athletic ability. He would inevitably be the patient human throwing the mouse for her across the kitchen tiles while making morning coffee.

“Did you see how she skids across the tiles while she makes her turn?” he would giggle. He would also be an engaged participant in some great human-Bengal conversations.

For many years she enjoyed the peace and quiet of a two-cat household and never really liked other cats, besides her best friend, Earl Grey. Over the four years since adopting the youngsters, there have been some scuffles between Sarabi and Scout, the feisty tortie. In the beginning, Scout would drive Sarabi out of all her favorite places. But then enter the two brothers, the “Yoots” Ollie and Baggy, and the whole dynamic changes. This rambunctious duo will not let anyone one mess with Sarabi and if they do, they will surely be rewarded with a powder puff to say “back off.” She has also formed a sweet friendship with Charlie and after napping together they can be found playing a game of chase under the kitchen table. It’s safe to say that Sarabi has formed lasting allies and has probably changed her mind about multi-cat households.

In the past year, she has become more playful and alert, even trying to carry plush Tigger, who is twice her tiny weight, down the stairs. This is accompanied by that excited vocal yowl, summoning us to throw it for a game of fetch. The game does not last long though, before being intercepted by her very own allies, The Yoots! She gets to choose where to hang out for afternoon catnaps, takes the best sun puddles undisturbed and gets to sleep with her favorite human, Moi, in the crook of my knees. Life is good at 15.

Likelihood of being booted off the 3pm sun puddle10%
Likelihood of standing up to Scout80%
On a scale from 0-5 how does she rate her status as Grand old Dame?5 Furrntastic

Grand old dame Sarabi is not showing signs of slowing down at all. Her bloodwork came back normal and overall a very good report from the vet who was so impressed that he asked her, smiling:

“Sarabi, have you been drinking from the fountain of youth?”

Happy Birthday my sweet spotted butterfly, my little Bee baby Sarabi.

You may also like to read Earl Grey’s opinion about what he thought of her when she arrived to stay.


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