How to make catnip grow faster

Sly Pie ponders on catnip and
how to make it grow faster.
Ollie told him to sit and incubate!

Happy Easter! Now let’s grow some catnip!

Hello, friends! It’s me Sly Pie. You might be wondering why I’m sitting here in the catnip basket. Well, my friend Ollie told me that if I sit in the basket long enough, I will incubate the catnip seeds so that it will sprout quickly! I’m not quite sure about that but it’s worth a try. I’ll do anything for catnip!

happy easter catnip basket


Easter time is exciting for us because we know that very soon we will have our colorful kitty jungle in the catio. The Big Lady Cat always talks about cat environment enrichment but let me tell you, I can sum that up in two beautiful words:  Nepeta Cataria. Catnip lifts me up into a euphoric frenzy that I cannot explain, it feels so good! I wish you could try it but I heard that catnip has more of a sedative and calming effect on humans. Catnip tea anyone?

The Big Lady Cat started sewing our stash of catnip seeds a month ago indoors and it’s high up where I can’t reach. I suppose that’s a good thing as we would have probably shredded the sprouts by now.


catnip sprouts

These will be planted along the catnip tunnel in May when the last of the Spring frosts have passed.


There is another variety of Nepeta called Catmint (Nepeta Mussinii) which bears beautiful purple flowers and attracts butterflies and bumblebees. This is planted among the catnip to add a splash of color to our tunnel. Like catnip, they are hardy perennials and already sprouting!



Nepeta Mussinii, known as catmint, bears beautiful purple flowers which attract honey bees and butterflies


Now, what’s happening to my ears!? They feel funny!!

Ollie!? Ollie!?

Where is he? Why? I’m a bunny!!!!







Sly Pie sits in the catnip basket

Sly Pie practicing his ‘incubation’ skills. All that’s left in there are last year’s dried up stalks which get a good nibble too.

The above photo of Sly Pie was the inspiration for his bunny cartoon. I think he has a face that could easily morph into a bunny with the addition of those elongated ears. The artwork was drawn in Adobe Illustrator using a Wacom Pen and Touch tablet.

Happy Easter, wishing all our friends peace and purrs!

This week we are joining the Caturday Art Blog Hop over at Athena Cat Goddess.

Let’s get hopping!

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