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The Cat Writers' Communications Contest

We have won six Certificates of Excellence
And a pair of polydactyl and grey paws are walking all over them.

Chirpy Cats' Bylaw #43: "Walk all over everything you own,
and you own everything"

Happy Paws over Six Certificates of Excellence from the Cat Writers’ Association

Cat Writer's Association Certificate of Excellence Chirpy Cats

Last updated August 2nd, 2020

When it was announced that Chirpy Cats won six Certificates of Excellence from the Cat Writers’ Association we were thrilled. It makes me smile when I think of all those hours spent burning the midnight oil, hunched over my keyboard with Sarabi’s head resting on my left wrist.

When the package containing the Certificates of Excellence finally arrived, the cats seemed equally excited. Not because of the significance of the contents, but because … hey, it’s a new package! And new packages have to be explored by furry paws. That’s just written in the Chirpy Cats’ by-law.

Chirpy Cats’ Bylaw #43: “Walk all over everything you own, and cats own everything.”

The Chirpy Cats Crew
Cat Writer's Association Certificate of Excellence Chirpy Cats
Huh! What’s a Certificate of Excellence?
Grey paws sitting on certificate of excellence from the CWA
Do you say this is a prestigious certificate? In that case, it gets my pretty paws stamp of approval. After all, I am your muse, no?

I’m immensely proud and honored to now be a finalist for the prestigious Muse© Medallion Awards alongside other writers and bloggers of the highest caliber all of whom I admire. Muse© Medallions and Special Awards will be presented to the winners at the Cat Writers Association’s 25th Anniversary Conference and Awards Banquet Saturday, May 18, 2019, in conjunction with the CWA Conference in St. Louis, MO.

Winning two Muse© Medallions last year was the highlight of 2018 and being presented with the award in person was something truly spectacular I will treasure forever.

So, what’ so special about these certificates?

My winning entries all share a common theme of cat enrichment in the form of cat lifestyle and DIY cat hacks for happy chirpy cats. It’s the cornerstone and evergreen content which aims to help readers enrich the lives of their cats too. So I was excited when receiving emails from readers about questions relating to growing cat grass or the watering hole fountain hack.

What makes this special is that these are the very blog posts which were written with whiskers tickling my wrists as I typed into the night. My muses were there, offering purr therapy and nocturnal support.

Each Contest entry was independently judged by 3 Professional CWA volunteer member judges. Winning a Certificate of Excellence means that the average of those three judges’ scores for the entry is 90 or above – quite a high bar to cross!


Drumroll for the winning entries….

The 2019 Blogging Cats Weekly Calendar

What fun I had with this calendar cover illustration! The inspiration was right there in front of my computer, surrounded by my purry muses. This scenario is not far removed from my reality blogging about cats and I am almost certain that it rings true for my fellow cat bloggers.

Side note: Recognize a certain Persian with the famous “fur horns”? Of course, it’s Brulée from Sweet Purrfections! I just imagined her occasionally feeling the urge to knock pencils off tables.

2019 Blogging Cats Weekly Calendar
The cover for the 2019 Blogging Cats Weekly Calendar won a Certificate of Excellence in the category “Illustration: Single”

Learning, Growing, Sharing

Founded in 1992, the Cat Writers’ Association encourages professionalism among a vast spectrum of creatives including cat writers and bloggers, artists, photographers, videographers and broadcasters. Through the annual conference and other events they host, the organization seeks to improve the quality of cat information through education about writing, publishing, and the latest information about cats to help improve the lives and the ‘brand’ of cats everywhere.

It is only through learning that we are able to share. As long as I am able to educate, entertain and inspire readers, thereby helping cats live enriched lives with their people, I will continue to learn how to be better at my craft. I will learn from mistakes and try hard not to be afraid to make them.

And eventually, I should learn how to respect the Chirpies’ By-law #43: “Walk all over everything you own, because cats own everything.”

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