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Fancy Paws in the Snow

"Follow my floofsteps
Hurry before the snow melts
Big snowshoes to fill"

Haiku by Jimmy Fancy Feet

Meowvelous Monday Haiku: Follow in my floofsteps

Last updated January 6th, 2020

cat in the snow

Hello there! I’m Jimmy Fancy Feet and I’m presenting the first Meowvelous Monday Haiku after quite a long absence. Ask the Lady Cat, it’s all her fault. It’s a long story involving her traipsing off to some faraway Land in the Southern Hemisphere where they don’t have snow! No snow? If you ask me that’s no fun at all!

I had a lot on my plate lately. Big responsibilities on my furry shoulders; such as carrying the weight of being the beacon of peace, being the mascot for Opposable Thumbs Day and the shoveler of snow. You see, I’m always the cat to make the first move in the snow. I can’t blame my housemates, If I were them I would want to have MY thumbed paws too. Besides giving great paw shakes, they double up as snowshoes. Added to that, I could knit a scarf with all my toe floofs, well, that’s if I really had opposable thumbs.

So if I’m always the cat carving the first path for the others to follow, that makes me a leader. My friends are literally following in my footsteps. I guess it’s okay, it means I’m making the path less treacherous, and easier for them to succeed. Scout slaps me sometimes, but I still wouldn’t want her to get lost in the snow. After all, we share this space together and there is a niche for all of us.

So there we were out in the cold catio, reflecting on our white landscape wondering when it will all be gone. It looks like it will take forever. We express our reverie with some Haiku to set the mood.

I leave you with this: Don’t be afraid to lead the way. You may be helping someone find their pathway to success.

  • snowcat leads the wayMy First floofy step
    Is always the hardest part
    I shall lead my crew
  • I coax my friend Jack
    Perched like a brooding statue
    He won't move today
  • Sitting silently
    Abandoning thoughts of Spring
    A cardinal sings
  • The white fluff glistens
    Echoes of paw prints beckon
    Let's go back inside!
  • Cozy on the bridge
    After the expedition
    Kiss my butterfly paws

Happy Monday! Much Love from,

Jimmy Fancy Feet

P.S. See who actually dips his floofies in the snow with much trepidation…

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