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How do I love thee, human?

A freshly baked fur loaf
on your pillow for life? Deal!

All You Need is a Catloaf of Love

 valentines day catloaf

Catloafing is one of the most versatile of cat positions.

Cats loaf when they’re super relaxed and can still remain attentive to the world around them, especially when snoopervising their human’s tasks from the cat tree or the computer keyboard. They can even fall asleep while loafing and it’s the most adorable thing in the world.

There are many good things about a catloaf. It’s soft and silky to the touch, which helps relieve stress. It also comes with a built-in motor which is activated when squeezed gently and has the most soothing sound that will cure your insomnia. You know the day is going to be good when you wake up to a warm freshly baked catloaf or two on your pillow. 

Nothing gets your morning going better than a coffee and a cat loaf on the side. #catloaf #catloveClick To Tweet

Once you have catloaf in your life, you will need it for always. Do you agree?

Happy Valentine’s day!

Happy catloafing!

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