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A cat's take on bow ties

Love them or hate them
You can look cute without them
But bow ties can add a little color
and edge to your Autumn chic

Pumpkins, Bow Ties and Meowvelous Monday Haiku

Fifty shades of grey, but orange is his jack presents Bow Ties and Pumpkins for Meowvelous Monday Haiku

Hello furriends, it’s me Mr. Jack and I’m presenting Meowvelous Monday Haiku today. I never thought I could ever get excited about wearing a bow tie but when the Lady Cat started taking photos in the catio I sprinted in to join her. You see, in the past, I never condoned any sort of accessory on me because I don’t like to taint my fifty shades of grey with any other color. She once made me wear a hat, well I only agreed to because it was Canada Day and well, after a while it felt okay so I guess I tolerated it… for ten seconds.  

But I think this orange bow tie is something else. It just takes “bold” to a whole new level and screams confidence and ownership. You should have seen me out there with my entourage of cats, all doing as I instruct and cementing my role as Social Facilitator. Sometimes I think Charlie takes advantage of this because he now demands head licks whenever he sees me. “Umm, helloooo, Charlie, that’s not how it works. The role of a social facilitator is to keep the peace and harmony through grooming and mixing all our scents. But that doesn’t mean it’s all about you!”

Here goes, I hope you enjoy my haiku and can feel my energy and spirit. Humans, don’t absorb too much of my energy though. It’s best to avoid the zoomies when you’re in a meeting as your boss won’t appreciate spilled coffee and laptops flying all over the place!

So, kitties, do you like wearing bow ties or hats? This Mr. “Fifty Shades of Grey” would love to know.

Much Love and Happy National Cat Day!

  • Mr. Jack the grey tabby in his orange bow tieFifty shades of grey
    But orange is my color
    Fall is my season
  • To seal the friendships
    My on-site grooming parlor
    Fur on-demand clients
  • When you're having fun
    Leaves scatter and pumpkins fly
    if your name's Ollie
  • Guarding the tunnel
    From evening grisly cat ghouls
    Wait, that's just Charlie
  • Pumpkins and bow ties
    Set my tabby hues on fire
    Can you see it glow?
  • No wind, nothing stirs
    Feel the tranquil afternoon
    I must do zoomies!
  • Extra fluffy furs
    Whiskers sense the crunchy breeze
    It's toasty indoors

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