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Scratching Post Sticky Notes

Lexy leaves a sticky text message for
Lola on the scratching post.
She needs to let her sisfur
know how she feels.

Scratching Post Secrets Revealed Week #2

Lola sneezes in Lexy's face while she is being groomed.

Last updated January 14th, 2018

Cats Scratch Their Sticky Note Texts

Cat siblings have an awful lot to say to each other. In last week’s Caturday Doodle, Ollie made it known that he was not happy with Charlie taking all the treats so he left a kitty sticky note text on the scratching post, as cats do. We thought it would be fun to gather some sticky notes from other cats too and we were happy to see the sticky notes from all sorts of opinionated and disgruntled kitties pouring in.

This week we feature our friends Lola and Lexy from Lola The Rescue Cat. Lola seems to enjoy being groomed by her sisfur, Lexy, so much that she gets the sneezies. But Lexy is not impressed with being sprayed right in the face so she scratched a little sticky text on the scratching post for her dear sisfur to see next time. I wonder what Lola will think when she sees it. I thought that was funny because I can relate to Lexy. Charlie comes over to bow his head in front of me wanting to be licked on the head. You see, as the CCSF (Chief Chirpy Social Facilitator) I have an impurrtant responsibility to groom everyone and keep the peace. So it is vital that whoever gets groomed sits still, behaves and doesn’t try to start grooming me, that’s my job. Charlie doesn’t sneeze though, but he tries to groom me too and that’s when I put my paw down! Mmmm maybe I should scratch a special sticky note text for him too.

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Cat Communication is sophisticated, yet really simple. Cats don't need opposable thumbs to get their messages across. They scratch their sticky note texts on their scratching posts to leave their unique scent and message.

We don’t need opposable thumbs to text

Who said cats can’t text? We do. We don’t need smartphones or opposable thumbs. All we need are scratching posts and cat trees to proudly scratch our messages for all to see and our message will never be deleted. Our unique signature scent from our paws ensures that our sticky note ‘text’ is delivered and the cat tree never needs charging! We are proudly ‘old school’ and eco-friendly like that.

What sticky note texts are your kitties leaving their fur siblings and humans on their scratching posts and cat trees?

Get those paws working, scratch your text on a sticky note and let your voices be heard. Chirp them in the comments below for a chance to feature in our next Kitty Sticky Note Caturday Doodle.

Love from

Mr. Jack (CCSF)

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