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Scratching Post Text Messages

The humble scratching post is
a vital platform of cat communication.
It's the water cooler of the cat world
where they vent their frustrations,
triumphs and affirmations.

Scratching Post Secrets Revealed week #3

Last updated January 17th, 2018

scratching post secrets revealed

Pixie, Please let sleeping cats lie!

There is nothing more annoying than that overzealous friend wanting you to join her for Zumba at the crack of dawn and all you want to do is sleep in. And what about that roommate who oversteps the boundaries and helps himself to your week’s supply of yogurt in one sitting? When it comes to our cats, their relationships with each other are no different. So what’s a cat to do when his housemate wants to play and he wants to sleep? Well, you scratch a sticky note text on your scratching post, of course!

The Watercooler of the Cat World

The scratching post is where cats can have their say. It’s their platform for communicating with their housemates and their people too. It’s the water cooler of the cat world – a place to vent their frustrations, share their triumphs and aspirations. In this week’s Scratching Post Secrets Revealed episode, we feature the post-it sticky note text messages from the Swiss Cats, a charming duo from Switzerland named Pixie and Zorro.

Zorro scratches his sticky note text message for Pixie, voicing his displeasure at her constant meowing around the house when he’s trying to sleep. Pixie chooses the oddest moments to play which doesn’t sit very well with Zorro. He just wishes she could let sleeping cats lie!

Now Zorro is not completely off the hook here and Pixie has a message for him too. How does one deal with that roommate stealing your food? You could label it, you could hide it, you could buy a mini refrigerator to keep in your room. Not an option when you’re a cat. Pixie has to deal with Zorro constantly eating her food after wolfing down his own. A frustrated Pixie vents her annoyance on her scratching post and hopes Zorro will see her text and get the message. Somehow, I don’t think he will heed her hashtag.

Once a food thief, always a food thief. Well, that’s how it goes in the Chirpy Cats household. (Yes, Charlie we’re talking about you!)

But despite their gripes about each other, Zorro and Pixie live a very pampered and enriched life together. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

scratching post text messages


What is your cat telling his/her housemates? Would it be venting about something, a message of confidence or a warning to others? We’d love to hear your sticky notes in the comments. We might feature your cat in our next episode!

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