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Scratching Post Love Notes From An Old Couple
Are you letting your cat walk all over you?

Scratching Post Love Notes From An Old Couple

They couldn’t be more different. She with her slim athletic build and long Bengal limbs, agile light-footed paws and non-stop chatter, Sarabi has no mute button. Earl Grey, on the other hand, will charm you with his almost silent meow, sometimes manifesting as a raspy croak or squeak, one of his most endearing traits. While she would flit about like a paper kite, he is never in any hurry to go anywhere, even in his youth.

Earl Grey and Sarabi have known each other all their lives and are longtime cuddle buddies. You will not see the one sleeping without the other. Whether they are spooning, lying in yin-yang position or just grooming, these two oldies will make their space on the couch each evening. But for a couple that is so bonded they have always had their ‘arguments.’ I don’t think he likes it when she screams her head off while running up and down the stairs playing fetch with her mouse. In fact, he would often intercept her game by biting her on her neck as if to say “Be quiet or I stop your game!” Funnily she would heed his request and continue the game without a peep. Read More

Are you letting your cat walk all over you?

I lay here, unable to move, barely able to stretch my legs for fear of waking a sleeping pile of purring fur at my legs. My neck feels contorted, head shoved off the pillow, and then I open my eyes staring nose to nose at my oldest cat, me graciously accepting a raspy tongue for a second or two. Well wasn’t that a good night’s sleep?!

Cat and his human

Our cats are always hogging our space, wanting to be with us, everywhere. Like many cat people, we practice an open door policy for the bathroom. There’s one cat asleep on the mat next to the shower, there’s another looking curiously from his ‘basin bed.’ I have accepted that cat hair, like invisible floating snowflakes, will always mysteriously land on my mascara wand when applying makeup. This is the complete cat package, one that we would never give up for the world.

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