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How to unbox your Secret Paws without the fur flying

Ollie the cat plays with his new purple snake toy

Last updated January 11th, 2018

You know you hit the jackpot when you receive your package from your Secret Paws and there’s something for everyone to sink their claws into. We were super delighted by the wonderful gifts we received and would like to thank Summer, The Therapy Cat and her friends Binga and Boodie, from Sparkle Cat. Our gift box had a variety of toys for all tastes and included something for the chewers, the kickers, the chicken treat lovers and even a cute little key ring for the human!

Secret Paws is a Holiday Gift Exchange for cats around the globe and this pawsome gift exchange pawty is coordinated by the kind-hearted and magnanimous Paula from Sweet Purrfections. This is our first year participating in the fun and below Mr. Jack, our peacekeeper and CCSF (Chief Chirpy Social Facilitator) gives you his list of unboxing tips to keep unruly kitties in check so that it’s fun for everyone.

Mr. Jack’s unboxing tips

If you’re a multi-cat household like we are, follow my safety tips to prevent the fur flying when the human opens the box. We each had a go at all the contents but first and foremost was a thorough inspection by me, the peacekeeper, Mr. Jack.


1. Find the ideal place to unwrap
The Lady Cat places the box on a flat surface with plenty of space for us to gather around and explore the exhibit. The ideal location is near your cats’ play areas such as cat tunnels and scratching posts. First, you have to keep unruly paws from touching the exhibits before we begin!

opening our secret paws gift box

2. Hand out the toys and exchange scents
She chooses the first toy for us to sample and encourages us to sniff and rub against. This way we all get our scent on it so that my pal Baggy doesn’t think it’s exclusively his. He has ownership issues. Some discerning kitties may just sniff and walk away. For these stiff-upper-lipped kitties, engage them by dangle the toy from their favorite scratcher or tossing in their tunnel. They just need more time and encouragement to let loose. Be patient.

3. Break up the fight before it starts
She scrunches up the packaging paper into balls and tosses it across the floor or into the tunnel to distract any cats who want to fight over a toy. I also take my role as CCSF very seriously and break the tension by going over and offering a kitty lick on the head of the perpetrator, with a firm paw grip around the neck. I tell you, some kitties can’t handle the excitement and they tend to run amok! I’ve got to keep them in line.

Mr. Jack the social facilitator cat

Hey there guys, cut it out now!

Rotate the toys among the cats
Be sure to rotate the toys so that each cat gets to sample all the exhibits. Some kitties, like myself, go nuts over the kickers. But as much as I think Charlie is gross when he puts drool on the kickers, it’s only fair that he gets a go too.

Baggy bunny kicks the cat kicker toy

Charlie loves his kicker toy

Leave the best for last
Like a game of musical chairs, some lucky kitty will end up with the box. Not a bad deal at all, in fact, I think that’s a big bonus!

Watch our fun video capturing the whole unboxing experience.

Our secret paws gift box from Sparklecat

There’s a lot more where this came from. Some kitties have already hoarded a few items in the snow in the catio!

On behalf of the rest of the Chirpies and the Lady Cat, I would like to thank Summer and her friends and a special thank you to their human, Janiss for so thoughtfully hand selecting these cat toys and treats for us to enjoy! Here is a huge virtual bunch of head kitty licks to you all from me!

Have your kitties received anything special? What were their favorites? We’d love for you to chirp us a line in the comments below.

Happy Holidays to all of you!

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