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Sly Pie At the Ticket Booth

"If you'd like to pass, tunnel
toll is five bags of catnip"

Battle of the kitty tunnels

Last updated May 9th, 2019

When we completed our catio is was a 12’x10′ area with ramps, perches and a cascading vine surrounding it. We wanted to add more ‘places of interest’ for the cats to explore without modifying the layout completely and doing minimal adjustments to the catio.

Building cat tunnels is the perfect solution to extending an existing structure. We added a ground tunnel which eventually became the ‘catnip tunnel’ where cat-safe nasturtiums and catnip form a canopy of shade in late Summer. You can imagine this is the most sought-after hangout!

Our elevated tunnel leads to two other secondary catios and meets at the ‘central station’ which is off limits to the humans. Anyway, we now know that what happens in the central station, stays in the central station!

Sly Pie waits at his ‘pretend’ ticket booth at the entrance to the ground tunnel and he takes his job quite seriously. Anyone who tries to pass without paying the fee gets a powder puff.

Catio tunnel entrance
“If you’d like to pass, tunnel toll is five bags of catnip please.”
Kitty walk
“Okay, let’s see who is trying to sneak in from the south entrance. All looks clear”

But the tables are turned on the bridge tunnel. Will Sly be allowed to pass?

Kitty walk tunel
George is on the other side, I wonder if he will let me in.”
Two cats meet at the tunnel
Sly: “Please Sir George, can I pass through?” George: “Central Station is taken kiddo, move along now son”
Two cats meet in tunnel
“Um, what do you think folks, should I let the little guy pass?

All cats have their favorite spots that they take ownership of at certain times of the day. What’s your favorite kitty spots and where do they like to hang out for some ‘me’ time?

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