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Hooray to all the Cat Daddies!

This is my Cat Dad
My cuddles only for him
Tortie Love feels good.

5 reasons to shower your Cat Daddy with love

happy Cat Daddy Day

My name is Scout and I normally don’t have much to say but today is rather special. It’s Father’s Day and I wanted to let you know why I think the Big Man Cat, my special Cat Daddy, deserves my cuddles and purr therapy. There are many things he does for us me especially and I list a few below.

  1. When he saw me in that cage 4 years ago at the shelter he decided immediately that he wanted to take me home to stay with the Chirpies. You see, I wasn’t very talkative and everyone was ignoring me in favor of the two flirty sisters in the cage next to mine, chatting their heads off to the Lady Cat. They almost had her! I had a strange looking white whisker with patchy fur on my face and my head was way too small for my body, but hello, I was a young pregnant kitty, so there’s my excuse! But my Cat Daddy saw my beauty and decided to make me a Chirpy Cat, no questions asked!
  2. He buys us me my favorite food and snacks.
  3. He built us me a catio and I get to choose any spot I want.
  4. I am his dedicated workout buddy and supervise his training sessions.
  5. He lets me lie near his keyboard even when it’s awkward for him to type and I am present for all his conference calls. That makes me feel pretty darn good.

All of his actions do not go unnoticed and us kitties are not just in it for ourselves even though it may appear so. In return, I reward him with things I know he loves, such as:

  1. Purr therapy that is just out of this world! I get to sleep on his pillow and lull him off to a peaceful sleep with my melodic layered purr and he wakes refreshed each morning. When he has to travel for work I still sleep on his side of the bed to guard it against the other cats.
  2.  I bring him gifts from outside in the catio. My favorite thing to do is bring in different colored leaves and petals and drop them at his feet while he works. They call me their little interior decorator and I think it’s important to beautify their surroundings with handpicked natural vegetation. No bugs or slimy worms for me, that’s just disgusting, Mr. Jack!
  3. I let him know when it’s bedtime by meowing sweetly while running up the stairs every night. I have to ensure that he gets a full night’s rest and some more purr therapy.
Tortie cat with her cat daddy

Just a little lie-in with the Big Man Cat

The Big Man Cat loves exotic cars, does martial arts and follows the UFC, but us kitties cracked right through that hard outer shell and made him all soft like a marshmallow on the inside. That’s why we like to say real men love cats! From all of us Chirpies, we wish all the fathers a Happy Father’s Day or Happy Cat Daddy Day, whichever you prefer!

Love from Scout,

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