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Caturday Voodles

Welcome to our cat video corner showcasing
our cheeky chirps and silly antics.

What’s a voodle?
It’s just a video with voice over!
May contain scenes of cuteness,
cat bellies and honest cat-pinions.
Viewer discretion is advised.

5 Ways to Get Attention When You’re Being Ignored (by your human)
The Inside Scoop on Your Cats’ Secret Hideouts
How to Use Your Scratching Post Like a Boss
Caturday Voodle: The Paw Confrontation
Caturday Voodle: Scout the Tough Tortie confesses her weakness
How to make your own joy when your friend is being a sourpuss.

5 Ways to Get Attention When You’re Being Ignored (by your human)

Last updated January 6th, 2020

Hi, I’m Jimmy the ginger and white polydactyl cat with ridiculously cute thumbs and a confident paw shake. We haven’t shared a Caturday Voodle (our videos with voice-over) in a while but today I will share a video that will make you examine your relationship with your human more closely and show you how to get the attention you deserve.  Read More

How to Use Your Scratching Post Like a Boss

Last updated July 29th, 2020

cat shows how to use scratching post

Why do cats scratch?

Scratching is always one of the first topics that pop up in cat forums and more often than not, seen in a negative light. We ask questions like “Why is my cat scratching my couch?” or “My cat is not using his new scratching post!” But that’s because we view it from our human perspective, and not from the cat’s purrspective if you will. Your cat is not a “jerk” or scratching out of spite, as is commonly thought. In the world of cats scratching is very much linked to everyday cat rituals and is a behavior that carries positive associations for the cat.

In our post about Declawing, and why it needs to stop we mention that scratching is a vital part of a cat’s well-being. Providing cats with many different types of scratching posts contributes to a cat’s enrichment needs. Cats do not scratch your couch to get back at you but it’s an innate feline behavior necessary for cats to feel confident and happy in their environment.

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Caturday Voodle: The Paw Confrontation

Last updated February 19th, 2021

If you’ve been following our series Scratching Post Secrets Revealed, perhaps you will remember our debut episode about Ollie’s scratching post sticky note he left for Charlie. He wasn’t happy about Charlie supposedly stealing his treats. Well, this week we interrupt our Caturday Doodle series and follow up with a quick Voodle about Ollie’s expression of displeasure at Charlie’s pilfering ways. Ollie felt his sticky note message fell on deaf ears so he decided to confront the issue, paw on. Read More

Caturday Voodle: Scout the Tough Tortie confesses her weakness

Last updated January 14th, 2018

There’s nothing better in life than being a tough tortie like me. Let me tell you, Mr. Jack may rule the Chirpies but try as he may, he cannot overpower me. I’m tough as nails! Charlie and Jimmy know better than to walk into my bubble. They will most certainly feel the wrath of a tortie paw to the face!

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How to make your own joy when your friend is being a sourpuss.

Last updated February 22nd, 2018

Hello furriends! I am delighted to introduce our first Caturday Voodle and we hope you like it!

What the cat is a #caturdayvoodle, you may ask?

As some of you may know most Caturdays we feature Caturday Doodles which include drawings of our unique ‘cat-pinions’ and other catitudes. Since we like doing cat videos too, we have created a new segment in Cat Fun called Caturday Voodles which will include some funny little video and voice snippets of us Chirpies doing what we do best; whether it’s causing mischief, playing with our toys, snoozing, playing patty-cake and other fun cat stuff. As we always insist that our voices be heard, our Caturday Voodles also include our unique voices too! So there you have it, that’s a Caturday Voodle!

But enough jabbering on about that! I want to share with you why I feel inspired.

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