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Reiki Cat Tames the Purrinter

George will not let it rest, what is this beast
that makes a noise and spits out paper?

What does your cat think about your electronic devices?

Last updated March 12th, 2018

cat and printer

George tries his calming reiki skills on the purrinter

Last updated December 2, 2017

The Cat and the Printer

Hello my furiends! I’m George and I’m super stoked to be featuring in this week’s Caturday Doodle. Like all cats, I am very attuned and connected to my environment and everything around me should have their place. But I’m also one of those cats that get easily over-stimulated by enthusiastic human cuddles when the energy transferred is just too much to bear. Luckily my humans know this and everything is good in the cuddles department.

But there is one other thing in my cat environment that I don’t quite think belongs there and it needs to go.

I’ve told my humans on numerous occasions through my diverse eloquent vocalizations that “the beast must go” but it falls on deaf ears. This ‘thing’, this ‘beast’ is what they call the “purrinter” and what a misnomer, it does anything but purr! It utters the most incomprehensible gobbledygook I’ve ever heard and makes Lewis Carroll’s The Jabberwocky, make sense. Now, why would the humans keep something as obsolete and dumb as that around, when it doesn’t even make any sense at all? Well, I question why they still keep Charlie around, which doesn’t make sense to me either, but that’s another story for another day.

My tech savvy friend Mr. Jack “the hack” can get into anything online so we don’t need this purrinter contraption. I was told via the cat vine, that humans are killing more trees when they use this monster. We cannot have that happening since I am the tree hugger. (Well, I hug my cat tree but let’s not get pedantic, a tree is a tree!)

So when this ‘beast’ starts uttering its maddening soliloquy of sad ‘bunkum balderdash’, I leap over and try to tame it with my calming reiki-like energy. But alas, this beast cannot be tamed and I look forward to the day when he breathes his last goodbye and gets relegated to the recycle heap.

So, friends, I ask with perked up curious whiskers, what is your take on this “purrinter” beast and how do you deal with his teasing nonsensical retorts? Please let me know, I’d like to hear from fellow beast slayer kitties and their humans.

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