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Cat Ode to Laptop

Mr. Jack was googling the internet
A cat of distinguished intellect
Always searching the last word
to generate a password
But his friends would often interject.

7 Reasons Why Cats Love Your Laptop

Last updated January 14th, 2018

Cats at computer

She’s changed the darn password again!

Cat-cess Denied

Hello everyone and Happy Caturday. It’s Mr. Jack here and today I’d like to talk about an obsession of ours that has probably perplexed humans since its invention. No, it’s not tuna. It’s not even catnip. I have bigger fish to fry and I have my paws firmly gripped onto its keys every day. Yes, it’s your computer, your laptop, your precious iPad, or whatever name it goes by. But for us cats, it doesn’t matter what you call it, a computer by any other name is just as awesome! I know I’m in good company because all you cats out there can relate to this cat obsession with keyboards and technology. Cat savvy humans have tapped into this trend of ours and have even built us some amazing apps for cats. A high paw to that I say!

There are many reasons why we love your computer and why it’s a good thing for you too. I highlight just a few below:

  1. Your laptop is warm, we love warm places to sleep. No need for expensive cat beds.
  2. We love it even more while you’re using it. We actually do like the company. We’re a team after all, right?
  3. We like all the strange things that pop up on the screen and all the sounds they make. That’s cat environment enrichment with no extra effort on your part.
  4. We provide much-needed stress relief during your work day which helps lower your blood pressure.
  5. We like overseeing your tasks and you can brag to your friends that your supervisor is a cat.
  6. We help you discover new keyboard shortcuts that you never knew existed before, increasing your productivity. Therefore, resist the urge to curse the casual paw stroll across your keyboard.
  7. We like seeing our fur collecting in between the keys. This is a comforting reminder of how deeply we have embedded our presence. Cheek marking is cute, but this is physical evidence of our domination over devotion to you.

And finally don’t believe everything the big Lady Cat is posting about us, we really cannot login to your accounts as we lack the opposable thumbs, unfortunately. Although my friend Jimmy, the polydactyl, has been twiddling his furry thumbs about that idea for a while so keep an eye on Tom Thumb. On that note, just a friendly reminder to keep your passwords safe, don’t use the same password for multiple accounts and never ever use your cat’s name for a password!

Below is a typical work day as we supervise the big Man Cat in his daily tasks. We think he appreciates his little helpers.

Cats on laptop

Human, I spot an error in your report.

Cat sleeps next to laptop

Taking a snooze break from long hours reviewing reports with the Man Cat.


How do you help your human stay sane in their crazy workday world? When is your favourite laptop/computer time?

Artwork drawn in iPad with Pencil stylus. Please hop over to see some other great Caturday art entries in the blog hop below, hosted by Athena Cat Goddess


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