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The Inside Scoop on Your Cats’ Secret Hideouts

Last updated October 28th, 2018

The cat condo central station cat hideout

It’s a very well-known fact that cats like to snoopervise their humans’ daily tasks. It’s especially fun if they work from home. A nice warm keyboard to walk all over and find new and interesting keyboard shortcuts for you.

You’re welcome. 

My favorite is guiding the humans down the stairs one step ahead of them to ensure they don’t trip. After all, they can be quite clumsy. I mean, who can’t jump up to six times their body length or balance on the banister with the help of their tail? Wait, I forgot, the human species were only given a tailbone that ends at the spine. #Sad

But today I think the tables have turned and the humans decided to get the inside scoop on what goes on in our little secret hideouts.

We felt a little invasion of privacy when the Lady Cat decided to take a little peek into our private Central Station.

Not Cool. 

What happens in the Central Station, stays in the Central Station

The Central Station is our home away from home. On a nice Summer’s day like today, I like to find a little retreat in a shaded spot and watch the butterflies dance and listen to the chirping of the birds. And most importantly, it’s our little watchtower over our territory to check for intruders from a safe spot, undetected.

What I was not expecting was this sudden intrusion on my thoughts and private space. Humans sometimes do not understand boundaries! She may have blown our cover!

Do your humans snoopervise your daily activities? Do you think this is payback for those times we insist on being let into the bathroom? They do practice an open door policy, so I really don’t think they mind that at all. I just wonder sometimes.

Cats love secret hideaways to get away from it all. We need this space so that we can bounce back, rejuvenated and ready to lavish you with extra cuddles! And who doesn’t like extra cuddles!?

Happy Caturday!


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