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The Purrfect Getaway

"I need some me time
To get away from it all
It's not you, it's me"

Haiku by Baggy

Meowvelous Monday Haiku: The Purrfect Getaway For Your Cat

Last updated January 12th, 2019

cat's purrfect getaway in catio condo

What do you think is the purrfect getaway for your cat?

Your imagination may be running wild, thinking of places where there are endless fields of catnip with birds swooping overhead and sinful amounts of cat treat buffets! But you may be getting ahead of yourself there. I’m thinking more local, you know, just a home away from home, a place to relax for a few hours, catch some sun, not too far away from my food bowl. Just maybe a few feet away. Yes, I’m a simple cat, not asking much. In fact, like most cats, we pretty much make ourselves comfortable everywhere we happen to stamp our paw prints with our little jellybeans you love so much. 

It’s also essential for us cats to get some “me time” alone just to get away from it all. Especially when you’re living in a multi-cat home like I do. We all have our favorite spots that we share throughout the day. Some of us stick to the time-sharing schedule quite happily, while there are those among us that have a little “ownership” issues. I will not mention names but it’s a certain tabby fella with a very curly tail that has designs on ruling the 7 Cat Kingdoms in our home, but that is a story for another day!

So we each have our little “getaways” that we like to think we own, even if it’s just for one hour in a sun puddle at 4 pm. Believe me that one hour is precious and we love being there, wherever it may be. Whether it’s high up in the catio condo, or low down in the catnip tunnel, or just loafing in a box, or on the ‘bridge’ in the living room; that moment of ownership is pure cat zen.

Join me, Sly Pie, as I present this week’s gallery of Monday Haiku with my housemates who have so graciously shared their favorite hideouts or “getaways” in various exotic locations.

  • cat sitting in catio tunnelWhere is the catnip?
    I see a vision of Summer
    Of buds aplenty!
  • cat sitting in condoWhen life gets too tough
    I retreat to my log cabin
    It's not you, it's me
  • cat trying to steal the perfect spotIs my time-share up?
    I think I'm being evicted
    Time sure does fly by!
  • friends share a small spaceAll is forgiven
    When you both want the sun beam
    A getaway for two
  • cat loafing in a boxThe best getaway
    Is loafing in a fruit box
    They won't recycle
  • Living the high life
    Two friends on a ceiling bridge
    Silent and tranquil
  • indoor cat sitting on benchThe purrfect getaway?
    Loafing on the cat lounger
    Purring and happy

So truth be told, while we sometimes still dream of faraway lands with endless catnip fields, we love nothing more than being right at home with you. Familiar scents, sights and sounds make us cats feel safe and happy.

Please me tell, what are your favorite hideouts, safe spaces, or getaways? When do you feel like you need a break from it all? This curious tuxedo kitty would love to know!

Happy Monday, from Sly Pie Capri Pants!



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