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There's something in the air

Sleepy afternoon
Nothing breaks my reverie
Dreaming of Summer

Dreaming of a long Summer: Monday Haiku

Last updated May 23rd, 2018

There’s a lot going on in the backyard. If Freddy the groundhog is not teasing us, then it’s the blackbirds taunting with their noisy songs and messy eating habits, flinging their bird seed all over the place. But today there’s something else happening. The humans are out lifting, digging in the earth, looking very busy. I wonder if they also like digging up scrumptious earthworms like I do. But I think they’re getting the garden ready and if that’s the case then that makes me one very happy cat. 

As I peer out from the catnip tunnel, my thoughts are racing with all the things I shall be doing this summer. The catnip is still young and fresh, and the vine is in its infancy, but I look forward to chasing bugs on a hot summer’s evening and stretching my paw to touch one of the smiling faces of a tall sunflower. Who knows, someday I might be able to reach that squirrel!

All my pals were out relaxing and feeling that sense of anticipation for a long and glorious summer. We share our thoughts with you in my gallery of haiku below.



  • Blackbirds have arrived
    Can I ever get some sleep?
    They disturb me so
  • Something in the air
    The catnip is out of reach
    Perhaps not that bird
  • Sleepy afternoon
    Nothing breaks my reverie
    Dreaming of Summer
  • Bug hunting at dusk
    Catnip leaves my furs caress
    That's my Summer dream
  • My whiskers alert
    A good harvest awaits me
    A catnip jungle
  • I get so sleepy
    After too much bird watching
    But must stay alert

How about you? How do you intend to spend your Summer?

Happy Monday from Mr. Jack


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