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The Summer glow of cheery faces

Cheery faces glow
Smiles towards the Western sky
When will the rain come?

Meowvelous Monday haiku and sunflowers for you!

Sunflowers bring Summer cheer

Meowvelous Monday Haiku

It’s no surprise that we love sunflowers. After all, it’s included as part of the Chirpy Cats brand with me, your social facilitator Mr. Jack as the mascot. (Good choice humans!) And that’s because every year in late Summer we look forward to these audacious late bloomers that light up the Chirpy Cats garden. Sunflowers never fail to delight with their optimism and their bold sunny cheery faces that seem to shout “hello!” each time you pounce by.
But there’s something else that makes these protagonists of the Chirpy Cats garden so welcome.

  • Giant sunflowers form the perfect curtain of shade around the catio so us cats have plenty of shaded spots.
  • Bees, birds, and butterflies love them so we get replays of Nature TV on loop all day long.
  • Sunflowers are also on the list of cat-friendly plants which are non-toxic to cats so we don’t have to worry if my pal Jimmy the plant snacker decides to use his thumbs to grab a piece!
  • They tolerate periods of drought and like true beauty queens, always manage to look good in all conditions!
  • Love them or hate them, but our bandit friends, the squirrels go nuts for them!
What have we been up to? Mostly trying to stay cool in this heat wave. Can you believe we have not had any significant amount of rain for weeks and we even had water restrictions? Don’t worry, we still had our watering hole, that didn’t dry up! And despite all this see how lovely my cheery friends have been holding up.
I hope my sunflower Haiku fills you with optimism and leaves you with a cheery glow to help you deal with this week’s challenges you may face!

Mr. Jack lying in the central station cat condo towers.

Come inside my lair
I have plenty of secrets
One or two I can share

Little bee, little bee, hard at work on the sunflower

Hello busy bee
Your pollen dance delights me
A ring of sunshine

A water droplet on a leaf, when will it rain?

Will the rain come soon?
When water flows through your veins
Senses awaken

Ollie the cat sits in the sunflower tunnel

Cheery faces kiss
The southern skies of Summer
Daylight forever

Mr. Jack likes to patrol the central station tunnel any time of day. Got to keep those squirrels in check

Pitter patter paws
On daytime tunnel patrol
The Meadowlark sings

Are you enjoying your Summer days? Or are you looking forward to ‘Leaf Fall’?

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