The Cats and the Squirrel and the Chirpy Toons

Squirrel after sunflowers

There’s nothing wrong with wanting it all.

Determination and tenacity will eventually earn you the prize, but sometimes you need a trick or two up your sleeves. If you’re a squirrel surrounded by five pairs of glaring cat eyes while gathering up your sunflowers heads, your bag of party tricks should include more than just being nimble. You need to fly, or at least pretend that you can. Mr Squirrel and his bandit friends had their eyes on the largest sunflower heads near the catio and no amount of cat threats were going to deter them from getting their paws on the bigger booty. No, he had his eye on the prize so in one fell swoop he jumped from the balcony onto the roof of the catio, and then bounced onto the main catio beams, trying to dodge Ollie’s paws that were trying to reach out and grab him. What he did next was straight out of a scene from the Looney Toons…

Squirrel eats sunflower

I will just sit here motionless and pretend I’m a flower pot

Mr Squirrel flew off the main catio roof and darted into the nearby tree. All the cats made a crazy dash through the tunnels from all sides to get a closer look, ignoring little tweety bird dancing on the grass close by. All this took place in less than ten seconds. I captured the moments before and the aftermath of this short comedy scene and this is what I got….

George was bewildered….

Cat looks up from the catio

Was that just a flying squirrel or are my eyes deceiving me?

Mr Jack and Ollie were flustered….

Cats looking for squirrel

Ma, where did he go?

And Baggy was contemplative…..

Cat sitting at the vines

I don’t know where you are, but I will look for you, I will find you and I will eat you.

In the meantime, Mr Squirrel decided that perhaps he acted a little too impulsively and waited patiently for his second chance to strike gold.

Squirrel waits in tree

I’ll wait it out here until those losers go back inside.

We’re participating in The Cat on my Head’s awesome Sunday Selfie blog hop. We hope you hop over to some of the other blogs to follow their shenanigans and we thank Janet  and The Kitties Blue for hosting this blog hop.

What have your kitties been up to this weekend? Were they as good as gold or were they plotting to eat squirrels? Or perhaps they were entertaining you with party tricks of their own? Give us a chirp below, we’re listening.


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  • Hehe, you tell that pesky squirrel. We has them around here and they do provide lots of fun for us cats in the neighborhood, keeps the squirrels fit too! purrs ERin

    • Heh heh yes they are fun to watch. I’m sure if the cats were not around we wouldn’t see such acrobatics from the squirrels. ?

  • Squirrel TV in 3D 🙂 Is that a black squirrel? We never get those, but about a mile away there are some. They are pretty.

    • Yes, it was in 3D heh heh, ? and yes, it’s black squirrel. We see quite a few of them around here. I love their colouring, very glossy coat.

  • All Jan has to do is say “squirrel” and all the dogs rush through the door. The open door, though we suspect they would charge through a closed door too.

    • Heh heh aren’t they just too funny. I guess it’s that time of the year when our pets are all entertained by these bandits ?

  • On most days we are complacent about the squirrels even when they run up and down on the outside of the screen. They are here pretty much 24/7. That black one would definitely be of interest, however, as we don’t have those. Mom has only ever seen them in Canada. Thanks for sharing the squirrel. All of you look adorable as well. Thanks for hopping along with us. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    • Thank you, Kittiesblue. We are indeed in Canada (in Quebec) and these black lovelies are certainly cute. Your squirrels are rather audacious running up and down the screen! MOL Our pesky rascals have not gone that far… Yet (?) ?

    • Yes, the brofurs Ollie and Baggie are Defenders of the territory and will stop at nothing to keep intruders out – or be eaten! (They actually have never caught anything live except insects and other bugs)

    • It’s funny to watch them. The sunflowers have many takers, I still see the bumble bees after them too, as well as the birds. Lots of competition right now MOL

    • They are indeed! I thought, if they are going to come around, just give their their own sunflower jungle in the back yard. But this little guy was seeking adventure and thought he’d go after the ones by the catio. MOL

    • I love them too and their glossy coats are just too gorgeous. They seem to be common around here in Quebec and Ontario.

  • MOL Ya’ll are just too cute. We do hope someday ya’ll ketch dat squirrel fur all da tortured and squirrel tormented cats out there. MOL Have a pawsum week.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  • he he – we think Mr. Squirrel is nuts. They can do the craziest things. M used to feed the birdies too and Mr. Squirrel always came to our feeders. Mr. Chipmunk visited too. It was fun to watch both of them. Great pictures!

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