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This is our platform to voice our grievances,
affirmations and stories in-between.
For cats only.
Sometimes we allow the humans a spot
to announce a tidbit or two, on condition
they come with treats, cuddles, and plenty of catnip!

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Jack and the Vine Stalk and things we did this summer
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South African Tails of Whiskers in the Heart of Cape Town Suburbs
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Who are the TUFCATs and where are they now? #GlobalCatDay

How One Man Became the Most Beloved Cat Whisperer on Campus

Last updated February 26th, 2020

Patrick knows he has the best job in the world. He is responsible for feeding up to 120 cats who call the University of Western Cape in Cape Town, South Africa, their home. When he starts feeding breakfast at 7 am he is soon surrounded by his furry friends who gather around him, running out from under nearby bushes, parked cars, and trees. It’s a quiet time of the morning, perfect to start feeding breakfast before the campus is abuzz with frantic students rushing to classes.

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Jack and the Vine Stalk and things we did this summer

Last updated September 17th, 2019

Within a few slow blinks of an eye, the days have become shorter. And as I sit here washing my paw, I pause for a second with my tongue out, as the thought of Leaf Fall sweeps away my lazy summer reverie. I will miss our catio expeditions, the backyard drama and the sun puddles kissing my fifty shades of grey fur.

Yes, it’s me, Mr. Jack, and I paw this with a sense of sadness and nostalgia as summer is coming to an imminent close. And much like Henri Le Chat Noir, I wish to hold onto the memory of those long balmy days before my winter ennui sets in.

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South African Tails of Whiskers in the Heart of Cape Town Suburbs

Last updated February 13th, 2020

So there I was on the other side of the world, enjoying breakfasts on the beaches, sunset mountain hikes and whiskers on my face. Yes, cats featured frequently on my vacation and their omnipresence was welcomed. While the Chirpy Cats spent many expeditions in a snowy catio back home in Canada, I did a fair bit of hobnobbing with Cape Town cats from all walks of life! From pampered little furry darlings living the good life, to the UWC Campus cats, cat cafe cats and TUFCAT Sanctuary cats!

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A New Year, A Fresh Purrspective

Last updated January 5th, 2019

It’s that time of the year again when we’re making New Year’s resolutions. Not a fan. Instead, I like affirmations. Because life is like a cat, unpredictable, fast-moving and a little wild. It’s fluid and ever-changing so we need to be open to shift our focus and reboot, which may result in a new and fresh purrspective or a completely different pathway than the one you’ve chosen.

And that’s okay.

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Who are the TUFCATs and where are they now? #GlobalCatDay

Last updated October 16th, 2019

TUFCAT Feral cat project at the UWC campus in cape Town South Africa

Global Cat Day, celebrated worldwide on October 16, was borne out of a need to rally for and strengthen support for humane policies to protect community cats. It’s a day to celebrate and spread the word that community cats have their rightful place on this planet and can coexist with humans in our living environments.

“The purpose of Global Cat Day is to strengthen support for humane policies that protect cats. October 16, we’re rallying people around the world to take our pledge to speak up for the cats in their communities and show kindness for all catkind.” Alley Cat Allies

Last year on Global Cat Day we shared stories about the community campus cats at the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town, South Africa. Mr. Spunky, in particular, had his heart healed by a litter of four kittens. I caught up with Dr. Sharyn Spicer, lecturer and founder of TUFCAT, The UWC Feral Cat Project, and I was pleased to hear of the many positive changes and major successes along their sometimes very tough journey. 

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