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Our Chirpy Cats 2019 “Secret Lair” Calendar is here!

Last updated October 17th, 2019

There’s always that one cat-loving friend who seems to have everything already. What can you get them as a gift!? From fluffy cat slippers to maneki nekos, they’re covered!

But here’s a gift that has stood the test of time, the humble wall calendar… filled with cats! 

A wall calendar is practical and cute and I don’t know about you but when you’re working towards that 4 pm deadline and you’re staring at a wall looking for answers, February cat might just be able to lend a paw and calm you!

Thank you for helping community cats

Many of you have supported our calendars each year, a big thank you from the Chirpies and the TUFCAT campus cats! Once again, your purchase will help the wonderful animal loving ‘warriors’ at the Cape Town university campus save the lives of our furry friends. I’m proud to say Chirpy Cats will be donating 100% of the proceeds to the TUFCAT University Feral Cat Project.


Visiting the TUFCATs (and the beach!)

TUFCAT has also realized a lifelong dream of opening a Home for Life Sanctuary for cats and dogs whose owners have passed on and have nowhere to go. The sanctuary ensures these much-loved pets get to live out their lives in a peaceful setting and will receive the love and care they deserve. I am super excited to be visiting the sanctuary and the University campus again in January on my big trip to South Africa and will share lots of photos of the kitties on my social pages! It also means escaping the snowy Montreal landscape and scoring an extra summer on the beach. Bonus!

About the Chirpy Cats calendar

The 2019 Chirpy Cats “Secret Lair” Calendar promises to delight the senses with high-quality photos and whimsical haiku. The Chirpies invite you into their not-so-secret hideaways in their catio for all seasons, with ten very different cat purrsonalities to fall in love with. From Jimmy the polydactyl who loves snow to Ollie’s icicle obsession, to Baggie’s lofty ambitions, each month will make you smile.

Chirpy cats wall calendar feauring a sneak peek of the calendar contents

TUFCAT has been in existence for two decades and they have made wonderful strides in caring for and protecting the university’s cat colonies with the help of dedicated staff, students and volunteers. To see more about the cats read our Global Cat Day post on TUFCAT’s many successes as well as an update on Spunky, the ginger cat whose heart was healed by a litter of kittens.

To purchase a calendar please visit my Zazzle shop. 50% off with code CYBRWEEKZAZZ 

So even if your friend’s house is accessorized with the coolest cat paraphernalia, still, a pleasant distraction from the mid-afternoon blues is staring at a wall… of cats!

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