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Let’s unite and give hope to orphan pets waiting in shelters on Remember Me Thursday

Rescue cat speaks up for adoption

September 26 is Remember Me Thursday, a day when individuals like you and rescue organizations from around the world unite with one common goal, to spread awareness about the plight of orphan pets waiting in shelters for their forever homes.

This day also aims to shine a light on those animals who lost their lives while waiting for one. This is our third year proudly participating in the Remember Me Thursday event to help spread the word and light up social media about pet adoption.

Why is Remember Me Thursday so important to us?

Last year we shared Sly Pie’s rescue story and you can read about it here. He was one determined tuxedo who didn’t let a snowstorm and a glass door stand in his way of finding his forever home. He settled on the Chirpy Cats house and that was that!

cartoon of homeless cat in the snow looking at cats inside their house

As I look at my cats and remember their stories of homelessness, I’m reminded of so many others still waiting in shelters for a second chance at love.

I want shelter pets and homeless animals to feel the warmth of a lap or laptop. I want them to feel the gentle loving stroke of a human hand and know that it’s a kind hand that will not harm them. I want them to be able to make biscuits on a soft warm fleece blanket by the fireplace in winter. I want them to be able to wake their humans 30 minutes before their alarms ring to get out of bed. I want them to be able to hear the words “Whose a good boy!” followed by a kiss on the nose.

And I don’t want them to die waiting for a forever home.

In the U.S. alone, “millions of beautiful, adoptable pets will lose their lives in 2019,”

Mike Arms, President and CEO of Helen Woodward Animal Center and founder of Remember Me Thursday

When I unboxed my bloggers kit from Helen Woodward Animal Center, the event organizers, I was deeply touched by these words in the RMT poem:

I remember when they said it was time to go,
I remembered your face … and wished it would show.
I will leave this world – but, please remember –
And light a candle, this Thursday in September.

Excerp from Remember Me Thursday peom by Mike Arms

Argh! That gets me every time!

Helen Woodward Animal Rescue Remember Me Thursday Message
goodie bag from Helen Woodward Animal Center
Thank you to the team at Helen Woodward Animal Center for the goodies.
Rescue cat is playing with a catnip filled toy
RMT spokescat Sly Pie enjoyed the catnip baggies!
Rescue Tuxedo cat has a moment of silence for shelter pets
Just a moment of silence as he remembers his days as a homeless kitty

How you can join the RMT movement

remember me thursday badge

Here’s how you can spread awareness about pet adoption and win food and funds for your favorite shelter too! Enter the Remember Me Thursday Contest by either uploading your photo on the website or sharing a photo of your rescue pet on social media and tagging it with #RememberMeThursday and @hwac. Remember to also nominate your favorite rescue or shelter. You can also light your candle in honor of a rescue pet you once loved or to honor those precious lives lost.

Sly Pie is lighting his candle

We thought we would light our candle at the end of the catnip tunnel. Despite the cliché, we do think it’s apt because we believe there IS light at the end of the tunnel for homeless pets. We just need to collectively shout out louder and play our parts in spreading awareness about pet adoption.

And to the pets who lost their lives…. we want to say, you mattered and you won’t be forgotten.

rescue tuxedo cat lights a candle for orphan pets in tunnel
tuxedo lights a candle for orphan pets
Sly Pie remembers…..
homeless tuxedo cat eating kibble in the snow
….. his days in the freezing winter of 2016
Share your rescue pet Helen Woodward Animal Center Remember Me Thursday

We encourage you to heat up social media and ignite the spark for pet adoption! You don’t have to be a blogger to share your rescue stories. Use the hashtag #Remembermethursday and tag @hwac in your posts!

Will you be joining paws with us to spread the word about Remember Me Thursday and pet adoption?

Once again, it is our pleasure to join the official Remember Me Thursday blog hop hosted by Lola The Rescued Cat and their Mom.

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