Along came a spider

It’s Sunday Selfie time and it’s Mr. Jack here, also know as Jackaboo to my people when I’m being cute, like today. You see, we are not the only ones who love our catio. We have plenty of other company ranging from yummy earthworms on the grass patch which surface after our thunderstorms, to hairy worms (yuck) and then the most invasive and audacious of all, the spider! These eight-legged little beasties weave their webs all over our plants and we mostly just admire them from a distance. The Big Lady Cat used to fear spiders but has learned to live with them as they are a part of the hot humid Quebec summers and they help to keep many other undesirable pests away. Besides, trying to exterminate them will cause us and our ecosystem much harm too, so us cats don’t mind them either. When she comes into the catio with her morning coffee she has to ‘release’ some of these ‘itsy bitsies’ from their webs with a wave of a stick in order to get through, and they go scurrying to the corners. This is my chance to introduce myself. But as you can see below, Mr Spider is not willing to play with me. He is known as the Cross Orbweaver


Cat looking for spider

Itsy bitsy spider, where are you?

Cat looking for spider

“Catch me if you can, you big lump of fur!”


Thinking cat with aeroplane ears

Oh well, what else to play with?


Cute cat in catio

Oh, what’s that? I bet that can’t run away!


Cat plays with camera string


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  • Where we live, we have venomous spiders called Brown Recluses. I like to rip the legs off spiders so my Momma is always afraid I’m going to mess with the wrong one. She doesn’t have the heart to kill any spider … but she makes sure they get away from me. BOO! ~Bear Cat

    • Awe your mom is watching out for you! Can’t have you get bitten by the wrong one! Lucky there are no venomous spiders where we are.

  • Those are lovely photos of you. My mum doesn’t like spiders so I catch and eat them.

  • Hi Mr Jack, you take a great picture, and love the action shot selfie… Looks like you have your work cut out keeping that catio safe and the spiders in check, do you get any mice out there too, as they are way more fun. Have a great week. purrs ERin

    • Hi Erin Princess, thank you for the compliment πŸ™‚ We don’t have any mice here, maybe because they’re scared of us ten cats together! But my room mate Sly Pie who was a street cat tells me stories of all the mice he has caught. Sometimes I wish I was a street cat (umm, maybe not!)

    • I’ll probably see his friends and start the chase all over again. never a dull moment here in my catio. Purrs to you Swiss kitties!

  • I try not to kill spiders because I like them, but I have been told that if you do kill one say money and you wil get some so say money.

    • Mum also has a fear of them somewhat, so she wears a big sun hat when she is in the catio in case there is one that dangles from above. They are all over!

      Mum got the cat statue online at Wayfair. Just search for “Mr Literary Cat” ?

  • I bet those spiders run for their lives when they see you, Mr Jack! You are so handsome and I just love your face! And the Big Lady Cat takes such wonderful pictures of you.

    • Thank you, ? The Big Lady Cat thinks I look like a cartoon cat with my round face. ? And it’s very easy to take pictures of me because I’m always following her to see what’s shes doing next. Never want to miss a thing!

  • Too bad you couldn’t catch the spider. If you need help, just call me πŸ˜‰ Love the stature and Your Selfies! Pawkisses for a wonderful day πŸ™‚ <3

    • Hello Binky, you sound like you’re a pro spider catcher ? You could shake paws with my friend, Scout. She can catch anything!

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