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Sunday Selfie: Pansy Buffet for Ollie

Hi, my name is Ollie and I love pansies!

Last updated February 22nd, 2018

Hello everyone! I’m Ollie and I’m happy to be featuring in our first Sunday Selfie ever, hosted by The Cat on my Head – Kitties Blue. This is a momentous event for me so I will be putting my best paw forward. So in keeping with selfie culture on the inter-webs I have a few great angled shots and I think I have found my ‘good’ side.  But here’s the thing, I absolutely love pansies and when faced with a bunch, I have to shove my head right in and start masticating like a cow. Those beautiful petals are wonderful to behold, but tastes pretty darn awesome too. Now before you go thinking that I am being a naughty boy, I can assure you that our big lady cat plants them especially for us cats! It’s safe for us to eat and guess, what? It’s so irresistible that the big lady cat herself uses it in summer salads and ice cubes. Now let’s get right to my photo shoot…

Ollie the cat, sniffing the pansies

First you sniff to savour the sensation. It’s important to use all my kitty senses for the full experience.


Ollie Sunday Selfie

Don’t these violet pansies complement my tabby stripes?


Ollie's Blue Steele pose

I think I have perfected my Blue Steele pose.


Ollie the cat, eating pansies

Okay let’s just tuck right in, nom, nom, nom, nom…..


Ollie the cat wants all the pansies for himself

Yes, these pansies are all mine, and no you can’t have any, is that clear? Hands off!


So what’s so special about pansies anyway?

Pansies are on the safe list of plants for both cats and humans. As Ollie has mentioned it’s great for salads and a plethora of other culinary uses. You can even make them into candies and add them to refreshing summer drinks. I plant them in abundance from seeds in pots and arrange them all over the catio for the kitties’ all-you-can-eat buffet. So Ollie wasn’t fibbing about that one! Pansies and violas are generally sold as annuals, but this variety is perennial, having survived in its old battered pot throughout our harsh Quebec winter of zone 5b. It is the heat that kills them though, not the cold. It will be interesting to see whether these lovelies come back next spring. A word of caution: if you have groundhogs that visit your garden, not only do they love sunflower sprouts, but they will happily munch away on your precious violas and pansies. It seems everyone wants a piece of the pansy pie! Well, who doesn’t love the versatile and cheery-faced pansy! I call them the cheer leaders of our garden, as they happily sway about in the wind. If you would like to know more about my other suggestions for cat-safe plants please visit my earlier post The Cat Garden

Does your kitty have a favourite flower? Do share in the comments below!
P.S: Please send healing purrs for Fiona over at Kitties Blue,  as she is suffering from CKD and is in need of some virtual cuddles.









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