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Beware: This cat is cold and aloof!
Sunday Selfie: Pansy Buffet for Ollie

Beware: This cat is cold and aloof!

Last updated January 14th, 2018

Is your kitty as cold as ice?

It’s a nice sunny day, so instead of Caturday cuddles, we were presented with a rather bizarre scenario in our catio. He’s cold, hard, doesn’t respond to head boops and he can’t even meow.

Ollie the cat with cat ice sculpture

Hello there, give us a hiss, show us what you got, ice cat.

We are still uncertain about the purpose of this soulless cat with empty eyes and no purr. Not even a hiss! We thoroughly inspected this imposter and he has neither taste nor smell.

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Sunday Selfie: Pansy Buffet for Ollie

Last updated February 22nd, 2018

Hello everyone! I’m Ollie and I’m happy to be featuring in our first Sunday Selfie ever, hosted by The Cat on my Head – Kitties Blue. This is a momentous event for me so I will be putting my best paw forward. So in keeping with selfie culture on the inter-webs I have a few great angled shots and I think I have found my ‘good’ side.  But here’s the thing, I absolutely love pansies and when faced with a bunch, I have to shove my head right in and start masticating like a cow. Those beautiful petals are wonderful to behold, but tastes pretty darn awesome too. Now before you go thinking that I am being a naughty boy, I can assure you that our big lady cat plants them especially for us cats! It’s safe for us to eat and guess, what? It’s so irresistible that the big lady cat herself uses it in summer salads and ice cubes. Now let’s get right to my photo shoot…

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