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Aloof Cat - Is it an Urban Legend?

Who is this cold-hearted creature?
Standing alone and uninviting.
We have found him, and he's not
one of us.
Read below to find out...

Beware: This cat is cold and aloof!

Last updated January 14th, 2018

Is your kitty as cold as ice?

It’s a nice sunny day, so instead of Caturday cuddles, we were presented with a rather bizarre scenario in our catio. He’s cold, hard, doesn’t respond to head boops and he can’t even meow.

Ollie the cat with cat ice sculpture

Hello there, give us a hiss, show us what you got, ice cat.

We are still uncertain about the purpose of this soulless cat with empty eyes and no purr. Not even a hiss! We thoroughly inspected this imposter and he has neither taste nor smell.

cat and snow sculpture

This calls for closer inspection from Sly Pie.

Which begs the question: Why try to clone a cat? This is a near-impossible task as one cannot clone perfection. The feline design is already perfect. But being the curious bunch that we are, we watched furtively and suspiciously from our perches as the big lady cat chiseled away.

snow sculpture of cat head

Looking a little sad, grumpy and aloof there, Mr. Ice Cat! No cuddles for you!

For the better part of Caturday afternoon, we were ignored in favour of ice man cat. This annoyed us, but it gave us time to ponder and reflect, and we soon realized there is a point to all the madness. This piece of art is the epitome of that elusive beast everyone talks about, the “aloof” cat. It’s true what they say about him, he is indeed cold, distant and stand-offish. Not like a real cat.

By sunset when we were already tucked into our favorite lap, we were quite relieved to see that Mr. Aloof cat would not be coming inside after all. Well, it all makes sense; if you can’t head boop like you mean it and purr up a storm, you won’t fit in with the Chirpy Cats crew. And if you happen to be looking for Mr. Aloof cat, he is hiding in our catio!

Read about why cats are not aloof, but instead, walking all over you, the way it is meant to be.

Love from Ollie

It’s been quite a while since joining Athena Cat Goddess’s Caturday art blog hop, and we are happy to be back.

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