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Monday cativities at the watering hole
Pumpkins, Bow Ties and Meowvelous Monday Haiku
Meowvelous Monday Haiku: The Purrfect Getaway For Your Cat
Are you letting your cat walk all over you?
5 Tell-tale signs your cats are singing breakfast Acatpella
Along came a spider
What does your cat think about your electronic devices?
Take the ‘meh’ out of Mondays
7 Reasons Why Cats Love Your Laptop

Monday cativities at the watering hole

Meowvelous Monday Haiku with Sly Pie

When the cat grass is looking a little leggy and you’ve chugged all the water a kitty can possibly drink, it’s time to get serious with these three suspicious looking snowmen. They’ve been lurking around our watering hole  for a week now.  I haven’t quite put my paw on it, but there’s something odd about them, almost sinister. It’s just a kitty sense.  Read More

Pumpkins, Bow Ties and Meowvelous Monday Haiku

Hello furriends, it’s me Mr. Jack and I’m presenting Meowvelous Monday Haiku today. I never thought I could ever get excited about wearing a bow tie but when the Lady Cat started taking photos in the catio I sprinted in to join her. You see, in the past, I never condoned any sort of accessory on me because I don’t like to taint my fifty shades of grey with any other color. She once made me wear a hat, well I only agreed to because it was Canada Day and well, after a while it felt okay so I guess I tolerated it… for ten seconds.   Read More

Meowvelous Monday Haiku: The Purrfect Getaway For Your Cat

Last updated January 12th, 2019

cat's purrfect getaway in catio condo

What do you think is the purrfect getaway for your cat?

Your imagination may be running wild, thinking of places where there are endless fields of catnip with birds swooping overhead and sinful amounts of cat treat buffets! But you may be getting ahead of yourself there. I’m thinking more local, you know, just a home away from home, a place to relax for a few hours, catch some sun, not too far away from my food bowl. Just maybe a few feet away. Yes, I’m a simple cat, not asking much. In fact, like most cats, we pretty much make ourselves comfortable everywhere we happen to stamp our paw prints with our little jellybeans you love so much.  Read More

Are you letting your cat walk all over you?

Last updated March 12th, 2018

I lay here, unable to move, barely able to stretch my legs for fear of waking a sleeping pile of purring fur at my legs. My neck feels contorted, head shoved off the pillow, and then I open my eyes staring nose to nose at my oldest cat, me graciously accepting a raspy tongue for a second or two. Well wasn’t that a good night’s sleep?!

Cat and his human

Our cats are always hogging our space, wanting to be with us, everywhere. Like many cat people, we practice an open door policy for the bathroom. There’s one cat asleep on the mat next to the shower, there’s another looking curiously from his ‘basin bed.’ I have accepted that cat hair, like invisible floating snowflakes, will always mysteriously land on my mascara wand when applying makeup. This is the complete cat package, one that we would never give up for the world.

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5 Tell-tale signs your cats are singing breakfast Acatpella

Last updated August 5th, 2019

Does your cat’s performance of breakfast acatpella wake you before your alarm goes off? You’re not alone. The human struggle is real!

acatpella cat sounds

Our most riveting ‘Acatpella’ performance at breakfast time!

There are not many things us cats do together as a team. Of course, there’s synchronized sleeping and grooming, but those things are largely accidental and form part of the random humdrum existence of cat life. But there is an activity that unites us all towards a common goal, and that is performing our morning song to be fed our breakfast on time. If you have never heard of ‘A-cat-pella’ before, you have never lived in a multi-cat household. This is the moment when we set aside our differences with the dawning of each new day and unite as “team cat”, performing our morning song with unrivaled purpose and vigor. Our harmonies are sweet, yet tinged with an urgency that screams “hear the cry of our starving clan”.

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Along came a spider

Last updated February 22nd, 2018

It’s Sunday Selfie time and it’s Mr. Jack here, also know as Jackaboo to my people when I’m being cute, like today. You see, we are not the only ones who love our catio. We have plenty of other company ranging from yummy earthworms on the grass patch which surface after our thunderstorms, to hairy worms (yuck) and then the most invasive and audacious of all, the spider! These eight-legged little beasties weave their webs all over our plants and we mostly just admire them from a distance. The Big Lady Cat used to fear spiders but has learned to live with them as they are a part of the hot humid Quebec summers and they help to keep many other undesirable pests away. Besides, trying to exterminate them will cause us and our ecosystem much harm too, so us cats don’t mind them either. When she comes into the catio with her morning coffee she has to ‘release’ some of these ‘itsy bitsies’ from their webs with a wave of a stick in order to get through, and they go scurrying to the corners. This is my chance to introduce myself. But as you can see below, Mr Spider is not willing to play with me. He is known as the Cross Orbweaver


Cat looking for spider

Itsy bitsy spider, where are you?

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What does your cat think about your electronic devices?

Last updated March 12th, 2018

cat and printer

George tries his calming reiki skills on the purrinter

Last updated December 2, 2017

The Cat and the Printer

Hello my furiends! I’m George and I’m super stoked to be featuring in this week’s Caturday Doodle. Like all cats, I am very attuned and connected to my environment and everything around me should have their place. But I’m also one of those cats that get easily over-stimulated by enthusiastic human cuddles when the energy transferred is just too much to bear. Luckily my humans know this and everything is good in the cuddles department.

But there is one other thing in my cat environment that I don’t quite think belongs there and it needs to go.

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Take the ‘meh’ out of Mondays

Last updated March 5th, 2018

Happy Monday and welcome to our second edition of Marvelous Monday Haiku with me, Mr. Jack. Let’s face it, Mondays are a little ‘meh’ and doesn’t score very well in the inspirational department but I have something up my fur sleeves for you. Now, I’m no Einstein (and my humans can attest to that, in fact, I’m the class clown) but I invite you to stoically follow your path, even if it seems a little daunting at first. Abandon those cobwebs of procrastination and reap the rewards of determination. Yes, you read that right, us cats have a lot on our minds. Contrary to exaggerated urban legend and tired old cat stereotypes, we are constantly having to make calculated decisions and challenging our game, like “Do I give chase now or three milliseconds later?” or “How high do I have to jump to get into the food cupboard?” Our brains are constantly on the alert for potential threats and our reflexes are designed to react in a heartbeat, even in our sleep. So as you browse through my gallery of haiku I hope that the parallels you see between our universe and your’s will take the ‘meh’ out of your Monday.

  • Mr Jack the cat is hesitantThere's something ahead
    Coaxing me to carry on
    What is that, a bee?
  • Determined catSo many things ring
    Loudly in my head up close
    Thoughts of giving up.
  • grey tabby back turns backI will go back now
    Reality is a blur
    I'll never get far.
  • Mr Jack the cat has reached his destinationEvil thoughts be gone!
    Calling through the maze I reach
    My true destiny.
  • Cats sleeping in catioMy journey is done
    Peaceful tranquil slumber land
    Sun puddling with friends.
  • Cute grey tabby catLook me in the eye
    Go on and work your magic
    Your week has begun.

How about you? Are you a procrastinator or do you take the mouse by the whiskers? We’d love to hear from the humans and their kitties below.

7 Reasons Why Cats Love Your Laptop

Last updated January 14th, 2018

Cats at computer

She’s changed the darn password again!

Cat-cess Denied

Hello everyone and Happy Caturday. It’s Mr. Jack here and today I’d like to talk about an obsession of ours that has probably perplexed humans since its invention. No, it’s not tuna. It’s not even catnip. I have bigger fish to fry and I have my paws firmly gripped onto its keys every day. Yes, it’s your computer, your laptop, your precious iPad, or whatever name it goes by. But for us cats, it doesn’t matter what you call it, a computer by any other name is just as awesome! I know I’m in good company because all you cats out there can relate to this cat obsession with keyboards and technology. Cat savvy humans have tapped into this trend of ours and have even built us some amazing apps for cats. A high paw to that I say!

There are many reasons why we love your computer and why it’s a good thing for you too. I highlight just a few below:

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