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Monday cativities at the watering hole

cat drinking fountain

Meowvelous Monday Haiku with Sly Pie

When the cat grass is looking a little leggy and you’ve chugged all the water a kitty can possibly drink, it’s time to get serious with these three suspicious looking snowmen. They’ve been lurking around our watering hole  for a week now.  I haven’t quite put my paw on it, but there’s something odd about them, almost sinister. It’s just a kitty sense. 

It’s not that they keep taunting me and my friend Ollie with their silly smirks and googly eyes. It’s not even their quirky pretentious cat hats. It’s just the way they stare at us, not moving, quietly judging.

But we’re about to show them who is boss around here. Just because you’re wearing a kitty hat doesn’t protect you from what’s coming next! The bunny kick test! So Ollie decided to take these guys for a test drive and gave them the good ol’ bunny kick treatment. But Mr. Snowman just dusted himself off and stood up straight again. Talk about resilience!

My friend Ollie thinks they might be spies who report back to the humans on our every move. As you may be aware, humans have all sorts of gadgets these days to stay connected and watch over us. And to lure us into their trap they gave the snowmen arms made with cat vine and catnip. As if we will fall for that! Okay, I took one bite but that is only because I had to bat him around a little for our experiment, that’s all. You know, to show them who is boss of the watering hole!


curious cat sniffs homemade cat toy

Alright Mr. Snowman, who are you and to whom do you report?


I can bunny kick you
Right back into Summertime
You will be no more!


cat chewing on cat vine snowman cat toy

Hey Mr. Snowman
Lure me with your arms of vine
and your catnip eyes


cat water fountain

These googly-eyed beasts
Spies in cat hats and winter coats
Can they be trusted?


Below is our video and in it you witness Ollie’s pawsome bunny kick! We don’t always agree on things but I think Ollie is right, they are not to be trusted. 




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