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How to stay cool on Canada Day

1. Find a shaded spot and just chill there.
2. Don't move much
3. When you have to move, drink water

How are you beating the heat?

Happy Canada Day from the Chirpies

Last updated August 13th, 2020

Cats with hats

The best way to beat the heat, do nothing and just lie there.

Sunday Selfies in the heat

Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian kitty furriends and their humans! 

As we celebrate Canada Day, we will always remember how we ended up joining the Chirpies. My brother and I were found alone in our apartment when our former humans moved and left us. We don’t want to dwell on the past, because we are so happy that this is our forever home. But if you like, you can read all about how we came to live at the Chirpy Cats house.

Staying cool

We thought we would dust off our Canada Day hats and do some Sunday selfies today. And we also have a surprise Sunday selfie with our human, The Lady Cat. We’re trying to stay cool in this heatwave but temperatures are reaching 42 degrees Celsius (111 Fahrenheit) with the humidex, phew!

Canada Day cats with hats

Mr. Jack stays chill at the entrance to the central station

Canada Day cats with hats

George stays cool at the vine corner.

Canada Day cats with hats

Sly Pie stays cool on the catio stones.

The Lady Cats says it’s okay to post her picture because she doesn’t have her braces anymore. She says it feels so good to eat now. I hope I don’t ever need braces because that sounds awful not to be able to chew my treats properly!

Canada Day cats with hats

My Sunday Selfie with the Lady Cat

Check out our video with our warm Canada Day shout out from the Chirpy crew!

What’s it like where you are? How are you staying cool? For now, I think I’ll go back inside and join Jimmy Fancy Feet. He’s lying belly-up directly under a ceiling fan! Smart kitty he is!

After a long break from Sunday selfies, we’re happily hopping with the Kitties Blue on their Sunday Selfie blog hop! Check out the selfies below by clicking on their badge!

Love from Ollie Bear

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