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Holiday Sunday Selfies with Charlie, Brrrrrr!

Amidst the holiday rush of the last few weeks, there were two things that put a smile on my face. One was undoubtedly my cats who make me smile every day. Especially my older 16-year-old cat, Earl Grey, who reminds me to live in the moment and cherish those 5-minute bonding brushings before leaving for work. And the other was receiving so many cute cards from cats and dogs around the globe. And then the e-cards came flooding in too! We loved each and every one of it and would like to say thank you to all of you!

Holiday cards cats and dogs

And now for a few Sunday Selfies from Charlie

I ventured in the catio today because it was nice and sunny, but I wasn’t prepared for all that snow! So I made a beeline back inside. It was the smarter thing to do!

cat making expressions standing in the snow

Whoa! I can’t do snow today, just not today!


grooming cat licking paws

I’ve got to warm up those pawsies after my grande snow expedition.

cat and wooly toy, nice and warm inside

Merry Christmas to all our furriends out there from the Chirpies!

We’re joining The cat on My Head for some Sunday Selfie silliness!

Love from


charlie signature


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