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The Good, the In-Between and the Forgotten Blog posts of 2017

2017 top 10 popular posts

Last updated March 12th, 2018

If you have been following along with the Chirpies in 2017 you would have been exposed to many of the Chirpy Cats’ antics, mostly happening in the catio. This has become the heart of my inspiration for ideas, the central kitty lair which gave birth to segments such as Caturday Doodles, Caturday Voodles (doodles: video with voice-over) and to Marvelous Monday Haiku. It’s the place where my husband and I take delight in observing the feline dynamics in a multi-cat household, each cat with their own little quirks and chirps. So it was only the natural order of things that I wanted the Chirpy Cats blog to focus on helping cats live enriched lives with their people. I hope the Chirpies have added some value to your daily grind and we are so thankful for your company, your comments and feedback. 

Top 10 most popular blog posts

1 How to build a catio your cat will love

When looking at my top 10 most popular posts it’s so fitting that top of the list is one of my very first blog posts about building a catio. The building of the catio was a labor of love that we keep modifying in the summer. Once you get the catio bug it doesn’t stop! Kinda like adopting a cat, and then another, and then another…

2 How to create a safe garden your kitty can’t resist

A lush array of non-toxic plants awaits your cat in his kitty jungle. The king of kitty weed, catnip, is not the only plant fit for your grass-nibbling feline. Discover a plethora of plants for shade, for sunny spots and for hanging baskets that are not only non-toxic to your cat but pretty to look at too.

3 Five essential must-haves for a happy chirpy cat

Just a list of your basic cat essentials every cat owner would know. A great read for newbie cat owners who have yet to understand the quirks of their new feline companion. Hey, not everyone grew up with cat hair in their mouths!

4 How to prepare the perfect kitty salad bar

So your cats love destroying your plants and you’ve given up on houseplants. This article will give you some ideas on how and where to set up your cat’s very own all-you-can-eat salad buffet, as well as offering some tips to train your cat to stay away from your houseplants.

5 The Litterbox rule that cat owners should not ignore

When your cat starts communicating his distaste for the litter box by spraying cat-fitti on the walls, it’s time for a plan of action. Follow the litter box rule of 1+1. It’s simple cat arithmetic.

6 7 Tips to turn your bully cat into a team player

So one of your cats has his eyes set on ruling the 7 cat Kingdoms. There’s one in every multi-cat household. But is your cat really a bully or just a high energy cat? A must-read if you want to know how to deal with the cat with ambitions without breaking his spirit.

7 Why your cat is not drinking enough water

Why does your cat have a low thirst drive? Is it in their DNA? The answer lies in their wild ancestry. Read on for how you can ensure your cat stays hydrated with fountains and plenty of water bowls around the house.

8 Why food puzzles are vital to cat health

Your cat wants to work for food, honest! Our housecats, Felis Catus are genetically almost identical to their wild ancestors, The African Wild Cat, Felis Silvestris Lybica. It’s hard to imagine sometimes that our Chubby Charlie would want to lift a paw to do anything. But underneath that furry coat of couch potato cattitude lurks a wild hunter, hardwired to hunt, capture and kill prey.

9 Are you letting your cat walk all over you?

A humorous look at how we literally and figuratively allow our felines to rule our world. But we like it that way. I have accepted that cat hair, like invisible floating snowflakes, will always mysteriously land on my mascara wand when applying makeup. #catladyproblems

10 The aloof cat – Is it an Urban Legend?

What is an aloof cat? We don’t quite know because we’ve never met one. We’re convinced it’s just an urban legend but the Chirpies have stumbled upon an icy cold aloof cat in their catio and they were not impressed.

The long forgotten blog posts

I wanted to do something a little different and thought I’d shine a light on some unseen or forgotten classics. You know, the wallflower who prefers to sit it out at the party and not engage. This list below includes a few forgotten bashful posts just sitting there not wanting an audience but perhaps deserving of one. I hope you enjoy these hidden gems! They just need some dusting off and a little lovin’. Enjoy!

1 Declawing – and why it needs to stop

2 What does your cat think about your electronic devices?

3 How to train your cat to love road trips

4 How to prepare your cat for stress-free travel

5 7 Reasons why cats love your laptop

6 Why does my cat refuse to use the litter box?

7 5 Things I’ve learned about making the bed with cats

8 5 Tell-tale signs your cat is singing breakfast Acatpella

9 Why we decided to stop declawing – an interview with two no-declaw clinics

And finally a little shout out to the last two post below which were finalists in the 2017 BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Social Media Awards. That was pretty awesome.

 I see the world through my heart

What is your cat teaching you about the perfect scratching post?

On my blog journey in 2017, there were three things which steered my path: Being relevant, useful and entertaining in the delivery of content so that I could continue making a difference in the lives of cats and the people they own. Essentially, helping cats live enriched lives with their people. This remains my focus in 2018. I would like to thank each and every one of you who drops by, lurks for a while, comments, shares and tweets.

Happy New Year and I wish you peace, purrs and catnip chirps.

What’s your focus, your goals or affirmations? Chirp us a line in the comments.

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