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Confession time!

Watch my Caturday Voodle to
find out my secret weakness. Well, I
guess it won't be a secret anymore!

Love from Scout the Tough Tortie

Caturday Voodle: Scout the Tough Tortie confesses her weakness

scout the tortie

Last updated January 14th, 2018

There’s nothing better in life than being a tough tortie like me. Let me tell you, Mr. Jack may rule the Chirpies but try as he may, he cannot overpower me. I’m tough as nails! Charlie and Jimmy know better than to walk into my bubble. They will most certainly feel the wrath of a tortie paw to the face!

But there are only three things in this world that turn me into a fluffball of marshmallows. Watch me in the video reveal my weakness!

Happy Caturday furriends!


Now that you know my weakness, shhh….  don’t want Mr. Jack finding out. Mum’s the word, okay? Are we good? Yes!

Love from Scout the Tough Tortie

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