Playtime Caturday Voodles

With Sly Pie and Mr. Jack.
We love to talk and express our feelings.
Viewer discretion is advised if you're
allergic to cuteness overload!

Caturday Voodles with Sly Pie and Mr. Jack

cat wants to play patty cake

Hello furriends! We are happy to introduce our first Caturday Voodle and we hope you like it!

What the cat is a #caturdayvoodle, you may ask?

As some of you may know most Caturdays we feature Caturday Doodles which include drawings of some of the funny antics we get up to. Since we like doing cat videos too, we have created a new segment in Cat Fun called Caturday Voodles which will include some funny little video and voice snippets of us Chirpies doing what we do best; whether it’s causing mischief, playing with our toys, snoozing, playing patty cake and other fun cat stuff. As we always insist that our voices be heard, our Caturday Voodles also include our unique voices too! So there you have it, that’s a Caturday Voodle!

If you’re allergic to cuteness overload, viewer discretion is advised! This week’s Caturday Voodle features me, Sly Pie and Mr. Jack playing in our favorite tunnel. Well, okay it’s more like I want to play and he wants to be boring…

What do you think I should say to Mr. Jack next time? Do you also choose a bad time to play with your furlings?

That’s it for this week’s Caturday Voodles. Be sure to tune in next week, maybe Mr. Jack will change his attitude!

If it’s not a doodle, it will be a voodle!

Love from me, Sly Pie!

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