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Monday Haiku: Say it Simply With Affirmations
Scratching Post Secrets Revealed week #3
5 Essential Must-Haves for a Happy Chirpy Cat
What is your cat teaching you about the perfect scratching post?

Monday Haiku: Say it Simply With Affirmations

Charlie takes that step forward

We don’t do New Year’s resolutions – it’s a heavy burden that can weigh you down. Now not to burst your resolution bubble at all, we do have an alternative pathway that allows for more fluidity. Because life is not stagnant. Sometimes your goals need to shift gears too and may steer you in a different direction.

Instead, we like to use affirmations, because it’s evolving, shifting and changing according to whatever life’s tide washes your way. Affirmations will allow you to reach your goals, trailing along many pathways while keeping it crystal clear. But all these pathways lead to your end goal, and before you know it you’ve accomplished your goal, hey wait…. you’ve actually made a resolution and stuck to it, without even knowing it! Read More

Scratching Post Secrets Revealed week #3

scratching post secrets revealed

Pixie, Please let sleeping cats lie!

There is nothing more annoying than that overzealous friend wanting you to join her for Zumba at the crack of dawn and all you want to do is sleep in. And what about that roommate who oversteps the boundaries and helps himself to your week’s supply of yogurt in one sitting? When it comes to our cats, their relationships with each other are no different. So what’s a cat to do when his housemate wants to play and he wants to sleep? Well, you scratch a sticky note text on your scratching post, of course! Read More

5 Essential Must-Haves for a Happy Chirpy Cat

It seems that cats have it made. The internet worships them and judging by those viral Youtube videos, they rule their households with a firm furry paw.

“Hey Mr. Dog, I need your bed if you don’t mind, thanks, you’re too kind!”

But despite this overall perception of a cat’s elevated status as Ruler of the Drooler, cats are still largely misunderstood. Cats are viewed as independent, aloof and in need of less medical and preventative care than dogs, but this could not be further from the truth. September is Happy Cat Month, an event in its 7th year running, created by the Catalyst Council, to help promote the health and well-being of our purry felines, focusing on the different ways to ensure your cat is happy, enriched and healthy. Read More

What is your cat teaching you about the perfect scratching post?

cat wants to play

Sly wants to play, but what does Ollie have up his furry paws?

Hello furriends, I’m Sly Pie and I heard via the cat vine that September is Happy Cat Month. I would not have deemed it necessary to have a month dedicated to our happiness, because every month should be Happy Cat Month. But when I reflect back on my life before I joined the Chirpy Cats crew, I understand why there is a need to highlight a month for us cats. You see, I was not always pampered and fussed over, I was living the thug life, free to roam but always wondering where my next meal is coming from.

Read More

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