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Simply Say it Like a Cat

Humans take a while to understand our affirmations,
some are better than others but they do eventually learn.
How do you say it simply?

Monday Haiku: Say it Simply With Affirmations

Charlie takes that step forward

We don’t do New Year’s resolutions – it’s a heavy burden that can weigh you down. Now not to burst your resolution bubble at all, we do have an alternative pathway that allows for more fluidity. Because life is not stagnant. Sometimes your goals need to shift gears too and may steer you in a different direction.

Instead, we like to use affirmations, because it’s evolving, shifting and changing according to whatever life’s tide washes your way. Affirmations will allow you to reach your goals, trailing along many pathways while keeping it crystal clear. But all these pathways lead to your end goal, and before you know it you’ve accomplished your goal, hey wait…. you’ve actually made a resolution and stuck to it, without even knowing it!

My friend Jimmy Fancy Feet and I present the first Marvelous Monday Haiku of the year.

cat diving in snow

From a simple affirmation on our sticky notes – we keep it short and say it simply. For example, “If you steal my treats you will get a paw smack” or “There’s a time for play and a time for sleep.” These are our scent notes we leave on a daily basis on our scratching posts, whether you see or smell them or not, it’s tangible to us and we live by it.

Humans complicate things to the detriment of their sanity. They have notepads, iPads and all sorts of devices that sync to organize their days. For us cats, there is nothing to sync and nothing to overthink. We scratch our sticky note messages as we go about our daily activities and seize the moment now, not later. We get things done! (Yes, sleeping 18 hours a day is an activity, in case you were wondering)

“I shall seize the opportunity to take the top ramp”

“I believe in my ability to convince my human that I am starving”

“Take action now and seize the catnip”

Humans take a while to understand our affirmations, some are better than others but they do eventually learn. Through these affirmations, we have reached an understanding that can only lead to our end goal: Getting treats on time and cuddles on demand. Voilà, goal achieved! There’s nothing to it, really.

Affirmations! Cats make them every day. I dare you to be more ‘cat’ in your everyday tasks! Are you diving paws first and getting things done or are you overthinking?

P.S We’ll be back soon with our series Scratching Posts Secrets Revealed, so watch this space!

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