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Love text messages - the scratch is on the post

He's a mancat of a few meows
She's a bit too vocal. These longtime
cuddle buddies scratch their texts
of love on their scratchers.

Scratching Post Love Notes From An Old Couple

cats write love text messages on their scratching posts

Last updated March 12th, 2018

They couldn’t be more different. She with her slim athletic build and long Bengal limbs, agile light-footed paws and non-stop chatter, Sarabi has no mute button. Earl Grey, on the other hand, will charm you with his almost silent meow, sometimes manifesting as a raspy croak or squeak, one of his most endearing traits. While she would flit about like a paper kite, he is never in any hurry to go anywhere, even in his youth.

Earl Grey and Sarabi have known each other all their lives and are longtime cuddle buddies. You will not see the one sleeping without the other. Whether they are spooning, lying in yin-yang position or just grooming, these two oldies will make their space on the couch each evening. But for a couple that is so bonded they have always had their ‘arguments.’ I don’t think he likes it when she screams her head off while running up and down the stairs playing fetch with her mouse. In fact, he would often intercept her game by biting her on her neck as if to say “Be quiet or I stop your game!” Funnily she would heed his request and continue the game without a peep.

Texts scratched from the heart

So while Sarabi is quite vocal with her humans, what is her outlet for expressing herself to her feline housemates and particularly to her cuddle buddy, Earl Grey? Well, because she is an avid scratching poster, we think she leaves a ton of ‘text’ stickie messages on all the scratching posts in the house. This is a cat that scratches in every situation in almost every waking moment. It’s her ritual: jump on the cat tree and scratch, go upstairs, downstairs, after the litter box, upon waking, before supper, after supper, when the humans come home, you get the picture. She scratches with heart and soul. It makes her feel confident and rejuvenated like she’s discovered something the other cats don’t know. Then, of course, she will proceed to ‘talk’ about it to the humans, mostly me, the recipient of her daily discoveries and cat lamentations.

Sarabi the cat loves to write little messages to her cuddle buddy

Earl Grey, A mancat of few meows

Since he became blind, we have noticed Earl Grey does not like being alone. It’s like he needs reassurance that he’s surrounded by us or the other cats. When he wanders off somewhere on his own we would often hear him ‘croaking’ as if crying out and then he will stop once he hears our voices. I wonder if he feels differently now about Sarabi’s over-zealous vocalizations! His loss of sight made him gravitated towards horizontal scratching surfaces and he loves the cardboard loungers. He doesn’t scratch often but when he does it’s just before his meals. A mancat of a few meows, only croaks, but his message is heartfelt. Sarabi, take note!

cat scratching post text messages


The golden oldies share quite a history and if they could, they would tell you many stories of where they have lived and traveled together. Well, at least Sarabi would talk your head off!

These two professional cuddlers were leash walked around the cliffs of Moher in Ireland, they’ve enjoyed a few ferry rides and have basked in sun puddles on my mom’s couch in the Southern-most tip of Africa.

Having shared fireside cuddles in both Northern and Southern Hemispheres, Oupa and Ouma taught me a few things along the way….

Cuddle buddies are the best so find yourself one and keep him/her, sun puddles are the same wherever you go and I will never find the mute button for Sarabi.


an old cat couple cuddle buddies

Oupa and Ouma cuddling on the couch



Cuddling kitties in a burger bun bed

Cuddles past and present. Top: Nice and warm in a burger bun. Bottom: Ten years ago at Grandma’s house, these two were always inseparable

Who are the bonded pairs in your house and what would be their love texts to each other, if any? Scratch a text  Chirp us a line in the comments below!

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