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What is Your Cat Really Thinking?

Last updated March 12th, 2018

Instead of our Marvelous Monday Haiku, we present something a little different on this marvelous Monday morning. We know humans are always wondering what us cats are thinking. You write books about “thinking like a cat,” you Google things like “Why does my cat do this or that?” But to tell you the honest to whiskers truth, there is no secret to know what we want. We’re constantly demonstrating our needs. We drop hints and signs everywhere, and if that’s not enough, many of us vocal cats (myself included) speak our minds! For the most part, you get us. There is no mystery to why we chase the red dot… it’s red, it moves randomly and we like to chase things.

We’re not very different you and I. Both curious by nature; perhaps that is why you are attracted to our species, Felis Catus, in the first place.

I think the human-cat relationship is something special because you have come to understand that one most vital thing about us; that we have never been fully domesticated and we are still very much in tune with our wild roots.  We know you like that about us. So in honor of our special bond, here is a poem which summarizes my kitty thoughts …. just in case you were still wondering.

what is your cat thinking?

Take Me By The Paw

We stalk, we groom, we play,
We pounce, we stumble in your way,
You didn’t look, it’s not my fault
You tumbled down the stairs.
A slapstick dash across the wall,
Erratic flights and ninja swipes
Defying gravity, on my feet I fall.
We sleep so deep with ears attuned
Ready for flight or fright
The red dot flickers and then it’s gone
I go searching through the night.

Can I do my circle dance in your lap
And stay there for a while if I please?
When it’s time for you to take your nap
I’ll be wedged between your knees
Comfy for me, sometimes bad for your back
But my rumbling purrs will ease your pain
And lull you off to sleep, not too deeply,
You need to feed me, it’s hunger that I feign.
I love to groom with my sandpaper tongue
Why do you protest, surely it’s welcomed?

Humans are so stressed and so highly strung
Looking for your sock? I can tell you where it’s hung
It’s on my cat tree, displayed in my cave
Why are you mad, that’s how I behave.
And if you don’t want me to sleep on your laundry
Don’t leave it out, so inviting, caught in a quandary
Just five minutes of play, life’s never a bore
We can help with the cooking, why, that’s not a chore!
Jellybeans go pitter patter across the counter
So what, yes I jumped up, understand I’m a hunter.

I will let you hang out with me in my space
Your big comfy chair is my hallowed place.
I bring into the friendship my half wild allure,
Timeless grace, my cooing purr, and flurries of fur

Love, Mr. Jack (Jackaboo)

Dictated by me and written by The Big Lady Cat


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