What's so special about sunflowers?

Don't you just love their cheery faces?

Caturday Art: Summer mane in bloom

Happy Caturday furriends! Jimmy is the subject of today’s Caturday Doodle, wearing a sunflower hat and like most cats, Jimmy doesn’t like wearing hats. For our Canada Day post photo shoot, his hat lasted a mere six seconds on his head! We also have one of those lion hats for cats and no way was that going on his head. So I thought I would be sneaky and draw him wearing a sunflower mane. There are quite a few outdoor cats around our area sporting their summer ‘lion cut’ and this is as close to a lion cut that Jimmy will get. So this gets me wondering, do your cats like wearing hats? Anyway, back to the sunflower and why we love it…

Jimmy the cat, cat wearing sunflower hat

“As long as the furless lady cat doesn’t put anything on my head, I approve this drawing” (Jimmy)

What’s so special about sunflowers anyway?

Everything! It’s almost the end of summer and there’s a whole lot of activity in the catio garden. Bees are pollinating, birds sing and those garden bandits, the beloved squirrels, are waiting in line for some ripe sunflower seeds. We like to plant giant sunflowers each summer, where they grow on the perimeter of the catio, creating shade for kitties on a hot summer’s day, as well as gracing us with their smiling bright faces. There is something so childlike and innocent about the modest sunflower, yet something so powerful and majestic at the same time. As we enjoy the garden with the kitties, the giant sunflower blooms are not shy with their showy bright petals as they follow the sun until sunset, making their cheery presence known. Sunflowers are incredibly easy to grow and just need some staking as they climb their way up very rapidly. They are non-toxic to cats and most animals, so plant away!


Smiling sunflowers put on a cheery show all day long for the cats and the humans.

Artwork created using an iPad and drawing stylus called Pencil.

We are joining the Caturday Art blog hop, presented by Athena Cat Goddess.



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  • Is this right Chirpy Cats,,,,you’re Canadian? Where in Canada? I bet its in one of the western provinces like us. Why do I say that? Cause you’re posting later in the day like us.

    I love the sunflower mane. Your mom drew it? My she is good. I wouldn’t want a flower mom drew…um…leaves a lot to be desired. Mom did have sis in a daisy mane…well sorta a mane. Really she just plastered Kali’s face on the picture of our daisy.

    Hope to see more of you my friends. If you want to chat with a fellow Canadian, you can reach us at jeanneil@telus.net

    • ? Yes, we’re Canadian kittehs! ?? But we’re from Quebec and the Big Lady Cat had to run out and get our kitteh supplies so she’s always late MOL. Thank you for introducing yourself, we will be sure to keep in touch. The Big Lady Cat hopes to contribute to Caturday Art and others regularly. Hopefully next week she will be poking fun at one of my other housemates (Jimmy Fancy feet)

  • Wow are you talented! I draw as well but nowhere near as good as YOU!!! That drawing is precious!!!!!!! You should illustrate a book. Just beautiful!!!

    • Thank you for the compliment! I thought I’d get those creative juices flowing again. That book idea is something to keep in mind for sure ?

  • Your art is incredible. Our mom was surprised that you drew it on an iPad. She wishes she had some natural artistic ability. The groundhogs ate all but two of our sunflowers this year. Mom was really bummed. Yours are gorgeous! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    • Thank you! We hope that she draws more pictures of us because as you know us kitties and art go together ? ? Oh and I know how your mum feels! The groundhogs have eaten most of our sunflower shoots, so the big lady cat had sown some extra seeds for the groundhogs at the back of the yard. So there were a few near our catio that they had left alone!

  • I love cat art that’s really art and not digital like I have to do. I don’t wear hats so it’s good that TW is so good at Photoshop. She says she used to have lots of sunflowers in her garden before she moved here.

  • WOW! Drawing on the iPad is pretty neat! The Staff says when she’s tried it the paint would dry *rolls eyes* MOL Sunflowers are very happy flowers πŸ™‚

    Thank you for visiting. Great to meet you xxx

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