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Happy Holidays from All the Chirpies!

Last updated December 24th, 2019

For the past few weeks, I felt like I was unable to tap into my creative side. My heart wasn’t in it. Well, how could I be when my heart and soul cat had left with a piece of it. My creative spark took a hike and motivation was at an all-time low.

But today I decided to remedy that and drew a Chirpy Cats Christmas tree featuring all kitties including angel Earl Grey. I think he would approve being the ‘top cat’ on a virtual tree. Although I imagine he has more important things to concern himself with such as endless meadows of catnip to explore and the best chicken platters a cat could ask for at the Rainbow Bridge.

I am so grateful for this online community of animal lovers who sent virtual purrs, hugs and heartfelt condolences through email, social media, and snail-mail. Every little word said was a source of comfort and I treasure the friendship and support. It means so much to me.

We wish you a warm and wonderful holiday with your loved ones and a happy New Year.

Love from ‘The Lady Cat’ and all ten Chirpies!

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The Lady Cat

Whiskers make me smile.
Coffee is good for you.
And cats are for life.
Helping cats live enriched lives with their people.
(Yasaar Nakchbendi)


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